5th Battalion is a US military unit under Col. Jeremiah Sawyer who were fighting the Soviets through Europe to America during World War III.


The 5th Battalion was formed in the US military composed of well-trained and well-equipped who fought the Soviet army from Europe to America.

The 5th Battalion has contributed victories for the United States military but without the sacrifice of Captain Mark Bannon and his Charlie Company. After the recapture of Seattle, they secured the city for the US Armed Forces to regain their lost territory.

Elements of the 5th BattalionEdit

The known commanding personnel of the 5th Battalion are...

  • Col. Sawyer
  • Captain Bannon (deceased)
  • Lieutenant now Captain Parker
  • Captain now Major Webb

The 5th Battalion are divided into three companies:

  • Alpha Company (Captain now Major Webb)
  • Bravo Company (Lieutenant now Captain Parker)
  • Charlie Company (Captain Bannon) (destroyed)

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