The AAVP7A1 is an amphibious transport used in World in Conflict. It is armed with a .50-cal machine gun with an extra automatic grenade launcher as its special attack.


The AAVP7A1 (or the amtrack) is the American equivalent to the Soviet BTR-80 and the NATO Luchs. It is capable of traveling in water and on land. It is somewhat slow, but it is well armored against infantry and light vehicles. Heavy vehicles, attack helicopters and anti-tank weapons are the weakness to this unit, so use it only when you need to travel across water or if you need to wipe out a squad of infantry.


  • It is somewhat odd to see the AAVP7A1 used by the US Army, as it is solely used by the Marine Corps; it is possible that the Marines had to lend the Army some of their amphibious equipment during the invasion of the US.


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