The AH-64A Apache, the United States' Heavy Chopper.

The AH-64A Apache is the United States Army's strongest attack helicopter. The Apache uses the next generation of helicopter technology and provides heavy firepower and close air support to ground units. Its main weapon is a 30mm M230 Chaingun under its nose. It can also carry two AGM-114 Hellfire missiles boxes and two Hydra-70 rocket pods under its wings. These weapons can target all units on the battlefield: infantry and choppers with its machine gun, and tanks and vehicles with its rockets and missiles. Its Hellfire missiles can penetrate even the strongest armor. The units capable of taking down Apaches are BMP-2s, ZSU-23-4 Shilkas, BTR-80s, SA-13 Gophers, and heavy tanks occasionally.

In-Game Information Edit


Apaches scouting a highway.

The Apache is in the Heavy Chopper class of air units, and is only available to AIR Role players. It has a medium view range and needs to get fairly close to enemies to launch a salvo. And quite a while to rearm as well. Powerful as it is, more than one Apache is needed to take down a Heavy Tank. As for other Units, they can take them down quite easily. Apaches are still vulnerable to chain guns and Surface-to-Air Missiles carried by infantry squads.

Unit Statistics and Capabilities Edit

Special Abilities:

Offensive: Hellfire Missile

Launches an AGM-118 Hellfire Missile, capable of defeating any tank armor in the world. Best used to disable important enemy vehicles from a safe distance.

Defensive: Drop Flares

Ejects a salvo of burning-hot IR countermeasures. Likely, but not guaranteed, to divert incoming hostile missiles.

AH-64A Apache Field Characteristics

  • Cost: 1200 Reinforcement Points, N/A for other Roles
  • Hit Points: 980
  • Speed: Fast
  • Armor: Medium
  • Weapon Range: Short-Medium
  • Line Of Sight: Medium-Long



A group of Apaches performing Hunter-Killer Missions.

The U.S. Army started using the AH-64A in 1984. The U.S. Army deployed 68 Apaches to Europe and took place in military training operations.

The Apache was used extensively during the war against the Soviet Union. They were most notably deployed during Operation: Liberty to retake the three islands that were captured by Soviet soldiers. They were also seen in helping recapture the Anti-Ship Launchers during the assault on Sand Fish island.

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