As the mushroom cloud above Cascade Falls slowly dissipated behind us, we fought on in a blasted wasteland with trees singed black the wave of searing heat. But at least we were alive. Bannon and the men in his company were not. Their sacrifice had been the key to stopping the Russians and now Fort Teller was safe. We had to destroy the town in order to save it, but back then I think the irony of that was lost upon us. The EMP from the nuclear blast had effectively silenced the radios, and what was left of our battalion was scattered over the surrounding countryside. We lost contact with the Colonel early on. It soon became every man for himself as we tried to get reorganized and fight off Russian stragglers at the same time. The blast had been more powerful than anyone could've imagined. We thought the worst thing could possibly have happened, just had. Little did we know what was to come...

Liberty Lost
Last Stand (chronologically)


Once More unto the Breach

Part of World in Conflict campaign
WiC Prelude 11 Final

December 22, 1989


Cascade Range, Washington, USA

Usa flag United States Ussr flag Soviet Union
Usa flag James Webb
Usa flag Parker
Ussr flag Unknown Soviet commander(s)
Usa flag 5th Supply Battalion Ussr flag Soviet forces

Primary objective Rendezvous with Webb at the ford
Primary objective Keep your units alive
Primary objective Support Webb with repairs
Primary objective Repair the abandoned vehicles
Primary objective Repair all units at the rally point
Primary objective Follow Webb to the rally point
Primary objective Follow Webb to a safe location
Primary objective Clear the riverbank of enemies (3 targets)
Primary objective Fight off the Soviet counter-attack
Secondary objective Destroy the Soviet flanking force


WiC USA Icon Small United States



Primary objective = primary objective, Secondary objective = secondary objective

Aftermath is the eleventh mission of World in Conflict.


In the aftermath of the nuclear explosion at Cascade Falls both U.S. and Soviet units have scattered all over the surrounding countryside. In this blasted wasteland you must rally your forces and establish contact with the command elements of the battalion.


The events of the mission encapsulate the co-operation and military response of Parker and Webb's battered battalion force, following the unprecedented detonation of a tactical nuke at the battle of Cascade Falls. The mission begins with the rendezvous of Parker with Webb at a riverbank. Parker is tasked to keep all his units alive and provide the necessary repair support to ensure the survival of Webb's forces.

The first portion of the mission involves Parker repairing a variety of abandoned American and Soviet ground vehicles (heavy tanks, repair tanks, troop transport and heavy artillery) that the pair consequently operate, reinforcing their battalions. Colonel Sawyer eventually comes on-line and directs Parker and Webb to retreat to forest on the opposite side of the river. However, as the forces approach the river, they encounter a large scale Soviet force, which presumably survived the nuclear explosion.

Parker and Webb retreat to safety, where their presence is compromised by a pair of scout helicopters. After eliminating the squads of hostile tanks on the riverbank, the battalions advance to the river where a counter-attack between the Soviet forces and the US units is staged. During the battle, squads of Soviet flanking forces appear, and Parker is directed to wipe them out, using tactical aid or his ground forces, as soon as possible. As the conflict intensifies, the colonel grants Parker a number of additional strikes under his arsenal of tactical aid. The remaining Soviet forces are eventually neutralised, and the mission ends.


Keep Your Units Alive/Rendezvous with Webb at the FordEdit

Nothing too complicated here; just roll out and meet up with Webb. The only units you'll see are plain riflemen who won't be able to do much to your vehicles.

When you reach Webb, use your repair tanks to repair his vehicles. You may want to have your repair vehicles in two separate groups so that you can more easily switch them up and repair different targets in the heat of combat. You'll have to escort him to the south. You can't participate much in combat, so all you really have to worry about is keeping Webb's vehicles alive.

Repair All Units at the Rally PointEdit

After you move through the woods for a bit, you'll have to support Webb's tanks as they come under fire from a mass of enemy personnel carriers. Use your repair vehicles to repair, and constantly monitor Webb's health with the ALT key, prioritizing repairs on the most heavily damaged vehicle. Press E, hold it, and left click on damaged units to quickly repair a large chunk of their health.

When the enemies are dead, you can repair the scattered tanks and one more repair vehicle. Again, the E command will let you repair the broken vehicles much more quickly than you'd be able to otherwise.

Repair the Abandoned VehiclesEdit

Now that you have three repair tanks and a Bradley, split two of the repair tanks and the Bradley off into their own group, leaving behind one of the repair tanks in a separate group to help repair Webb's tanks, which will periodically come under light attack. Get used to double-tapping the number keys to instantly shift your view back to where your groups are located so that you can quickly manage both aspects of the fight.

Sweep your main group up to the north a bit towards the first group of vehicles. Use the Bradley's TOW missile to destroy the vehicle here, and run down any infantry before repairing the vehicles. You'll need to repeat this process four times, as the defenders get tougher. Be sure to use all of the special abilities available to your forces! The special offensive missiles will be needed to deal with the many vehicles in your way, and the smoke screens that you can create will be a big help in defending yourself.

The last vehicles, including another repair tank and a heavy artillery vehicle, are going to be the toughest to get to, as they're surrounded by enemies. There's a Soviet heavy tank on the mountain to the west that will be the toughest foe. Gather all of your tanks and vehicles into one large group, with the repair tanks behind them, and move up the mountain to its position. If you use all of your special attacks on it, it'll go down; just be sure to withdraw any tanks that are getting damaged and move them back to the repair vehicles. You don't need to move them too far, as it's not quite atop the ridge.

When the heavy tank is dead, move your offensive vehicles out into a line on the ridge; they'll start firing away at the vehicles below. Repair them until all of the vehicles are dead, then move in and repair the abandoned vehicles that are left to you and quickly return to Webb's position, being sure to place your artillery in a separate group.

Repair All Vehicles At the Rally PointEdit

Start moving out towards the nearby rally point now, being sure to keep your vehicles on the high ground as you approach. You can use the heavy artillery to fire from long range at your targets when you spot them, but only if it's not too close to its target. Sweep down and start repairing the numerous vehicles there; most of them will go under Webb's control, but there'll be a new repair tank and troop transport for you to wield.

Follow Webb to the Rally PointEdit

After Sawyer sends out the location of the rally point, use your artillery strike and artillery unit to fire away at the tanks on the far side of the river; there won't be much you can do to break them, but you won't need to fire on them for long, since Webb will quickly retreat.

Follow Webb to a Safe LocationEdit

When you get back in touch with Sawyer, follow Webb to his safe location, but immediately move when the helicopters come, as there'll be artillery coming your way.

Clear the Riverbank of EnemiesEdit

When you get the call that you have more artillery available to you, use heavy artillery barrages on the troops across the river from the points designated on your map. These are basically free kills, so take them out and use your heavy artillery unit to fire on any stragglers.

Fight off Soviet Counterattack/Destroy the Soviet Flanking ForceEdit

When the beach is cleared, Webb will move forward and attack the Soviets from across the river. Use heavy airstrikes on the Soviet positions to weaken them up, and move your tanks forward to support Webb. Don't forget the repairs!

You have two Soviet flanking forces to destroy here, so lock their positions and call down fire support on them, or use your heavy artillery vehicle to take them out.

Eventually the Soviets will come back in even more force, but you'll get additional tactical aid abilities to use on them, including carpet bombing and daisy cutters. There are three enemy artillery units to the rear of the hill that you urgently need to take out, so drop daisy cutters and carpet bombing back there to scout, then retarget your tactical aid until they're destroyed. When that's done, you can just use your daisy cutters and carpet bombing on the locations where the enemies seem to wait and destroy them. A few minutes of this will win you the mission; don't forget to repair where you can.


The last remnants of the Soviet attack force have been destroyed and the safety of Fort Teller has been ensured for the time being. Now we focus on the struggle to break through the Soviet lines and retake Seattle.


WiC Medal Campaign Primary 11 Combat Medical Badge
The recipient was personally present and under hostile fire while serving in a medical and engineering capacity in a unit actively engaged in ground combat with the enemy.
WiC Medal Campaign Secondary 11 Joint Service Achievement Medal
Awarded for your sustained exceptional performance during prolonged combat actions against the Soviet Union. Due to your leadership skills and personal bravery US forces were rallied after the battle for Cascade Falls and scattered Soviet units remaining in the area were destroyed.

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