The Airborne Infantry Squad, or paratroopers, cannot be dropped using reinforcement points but are only available through the "Airdropped Infantry Squad " Tactical Aid. Paratroopers can combat enemy infantry relatively well, but lack any anti-vehicle or anti-air weapons (though their rifles can damage Troop Transport and Scout helicopters). They also have the ability to call in artillery strikes on a given map position which can destroy valuable enemy units; however the telltale artillery strike can be recognized by players which can give away the presence of the paratrooper squad. Additionally, observant players can see their units being shot at by the paratroopers' rifles if they are close enough, so it's often best to give a hold fire command to avoid revealing yourself. Most of the time it is simply best to avoid taking any offensive action with paratroopers, but rather use them to passively observe the battlefield and provide vision of enemy movements.

USA deploys US Army Rangers, who come in four man squads, all carrying M16A2/M203s.

Soviet Union deploys the VDV (Airborne Spetsnaz), who all carry AK-74M/GP-30s.

NATO field the French Foreign Legion, who carry FAMAS/M203s.


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