Corporal Anton Carino is a US Army Washington National Guard who is seen trying to find his unit with Michael Thompson during the Soviet invasion of Seattle.


Carino is first spotted by Captain Bannon who was rallying troops and rallying a retreat. Along with Carino, was Corporal Michael Thompson, a friend and a fellow National Guardsman, were trying to find their unit, but due to the hectic battles around Seattle, they were never able to. They shortly retreated from the city with Lieutenant Parker and Bannon, and slowly made their way through the suburbs of Seattle. After a gruesome campaign to take back their country, including fighting at Cascade Falls,

Carino is last seen in the ending cinematic listening to Michael's CD player, which he had finally found batteries for.

He is seen carrying an M16A2 rifle during the cinematics.

Personal LifeEdit

Carino has a wife and a daughter named Isabella. He is seen and heard calling them in an abandoned school using a pay phone during a break from fighting the Russians.

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