BMP-2 side

The BMP-2, Russia's best IFV in servive.

The BMP-2 is a tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle of the Soviet Union. The BMP-2 is deadly to any infantry on the field, and is also capable of transporting infantry to locations on the battlefield.


BMP-2 hull

The BMP-2's armor is solid enough to stop bullets and a few rockets.

The BMP-2 is a deadly vehicle on the battlefield, capable of engaging infantry, helicopters, and light tanks. The BMP-2's main weapon, a 30mm autocannon, is capable of shredding light tanks and vehicles, as well as infantry. Although suited to combat, the BMP-2's main purpose is to transport and support Russian infantry units. The BMP-2 is capable of transporting six fully armed infantry. The BMP-2's second armament is a AT-5 Spandrel Anti-tank missile launcher, which lets the BMP-2 combat medium tanks. The BMP-2 is somewhat more accurate against infantry at closer ranges. The BMP-2 also shines in it's ability to fight in urban areas, thanks to its weapons and the infantry it carries along. The BMP-2 has no counter against units like Heavy Tanks, Heavy Helicopters, Anti-Tank Infantry Squads and its American counterpart, the M2A2 Bradley.

In-game InformationEdit


The BMP-2's doors for the infantry.

The BMP-2 is capable of doing everything it's real life counterpart can. It's autocannon can quickly mow down squads of infantry and rip light vehicles apart. It's missiles are quite potent against light tanks, but less against medium tanks. The BMP-2's main role is to transport and support infantry from medium ranges, But it can also hold on it's own without infantry support. Being able to target enemy helicopters with high accuracy at short ranges, the BMP-2 is also a concern for Helicopter pilots. The BMP-2's strengths are its flexibility on the battlefield, capable of engaging most units efficiently, but cannot counter an attack by Heavy Tanks and choppers, due to their superior armor and weapons. Though against helicopters it is marginally effective due to it's fully stabilized autocannon.

Unit Statistics and CapabilitiesEdit

Special Abilities:

Offensive: AT-5 Spandrel Anti-Tank Missile Launcher

Loads and fires a AT-5 Spandrel Anti-Tank Missile at armored targets. The missile is very effective when targeted at the rear of tanks or vehicles. The AT-5 missile has a tendency to miss targets that activate their smoke grenades.

Defensive: Smoke Screen

Fires smoke grenades to hide the vehicle from view.

BMP-2 Field Characteristics

Available to all Roles

  • Cost:

Armor Role: 750 Reinforcement Points

Air Role: 1100

Infantry Role: 1000

Support Role: 1100

  • Firepower: Medium Overall

-Armor: Low

-Support: Medium

-Infantry: Medium

-Air: Medium

  • Hit Points:
  • Speed: Medium
  • Armor: Medium
  • Weapon Range: Primary-Medium
  • Line of Sight: Medium


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