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Lair of the Bear

Beyond the Iron Curtain
Part of World in Conflict campaign
WiC Prelude 08 Final

October 1989


Near Murmansk, Russian SFSR, USSR

Flag NATO NATO Ussr flag Soviet Union
Usa flag Jeremiah Sawyer
Flag Norway Johannesen
Usa flag Mark Bannon
Usa flag Parker
Ussr flag Unknown Soviet commander(s)
Flag Norway Task Force Raven Ussr flag Soviet forces

WiC NATO Icon Small NATO



Beyond the Iron Curtain is the eighth mission of World in Conflict.


A prototype stealth plane has crash-landed on the Kola Peninsula not far from Murmansk. It is carrying vital intelligence information and the wreckage must not fall into enemy hands. Your mission is to infiltrate into Russia to retrieve the intelligence package, rescue the pilots and destroy what remains of the aircraft.


WiC Medal Campaign Primary 08 Rank Insignia: 1st Lieutenant
Due to the promise you show as an officer and leader of men you have been promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant in the United States Army.
WiC Medal Campaign Secondary 08 Joint Service Commendation Medal
Awarded for exceptional heroism during operations undertaken within the Soviet Union. Due to your actions, the difficult operation to rescue the downed pilots and salvage important intelligence could be completed.

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