'"For the good of Mother Russia and the Red Bear"'

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Brazil, officially the Federal Republic of Brazil, is the largest country in South America. Fighting alongside the Allies in World War II, Brazil struggled to develop a non-aligned foreign policy during the Cold War, firmly set under the United States sphere of influence. By the time World War III broke out, the country had already completed its redemocratization process following two decades of US-backed dictatorship. Its involvement in the war is unknown, but given Brazil's largely stable relations with the US, it may have sided with the West in its fight against the Soviet Union. Although it is uncertain, considering the country's economic hardship during the late 1980s, Brazil could have provided support in the African or American theatres of operations, notably the close-by conflict in the Bahamas between Cuban and US forces. More likely, it is possible that Brazil remained neutral, serving as a diplomatic mediator between the warring parties.

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