Charlie Company is Captain Bannon's unit of the US 5th Battalion serving under Colonel Sawyer during the invasion of the US mainland.

World War III and Destruction of Charlie CompanyEdit

During the Soviet attack of Seattle, Captain Bannon ordered a US army retreat which he gave the command over to Colonel Sawyer. He then was assigned as commander of Charlie Company of the US 5th Battalion while Lieutenant Parker was the commander of the Bravo Company and Captain James Webb of the Alpha Company.

He and his Charlie Company had participated in other battles from Seattle to Cascade Falls where they died holding off the invaders while the nuclear missile struck the town.


The sacrifice of Captain Bannon and his Charlie Company were not forgotten by the US 5th Battalion reminding them of their bravery and valiance in defending the country. Even Colonel Sawyer didn't forget that as he never had the chance to apologize and thank Bannon for everything he done (they didn't had the chance to get along with each other as Sawyer did to Parker and Webb).