WiC NATO Infantry Jeep D-90
WiC Ingame D-90
WiC Icon Infantry Jeep Troop transport
Faction WiC NATO Icon Small NATO
Role WiC Infantry Icon Infantry
WiC Support Icon Support
WiC Infantry Icon 550 WiC Support Icon 550
WiC Armor Icon 650 WiC Air Icon 800
Hit points 350
Armor Low (20/100)
Speed Fast (70/100)
Line of sight Medium
Armament(s) M240B machine gun
Firepower Low
Weapon range Short
Special Abilities
Offensive: Armor-piercing bullets
WiC Ability Bullets Loads the machine gun with armor-piercing bullets and increases the unit's damage. It is slightly more effective against armored vehicles.

The Defender-90, a militarized Land Rover Ninety (now known as a Land Rover Defender), is an armed troop transport vehicle used by NATO. The D-90's main purpose is to transport and deploy infantry rapidly and safely, as well as engaging potential threats to its passengers.

Gameplay Edit

The D-90 ingame is armed with a 7.62x51mm M240B medium machine gun that is meant for engaging infantry and non/lightly armored vehicles. 

Although the D-90 is lethal against infantry, it has thin steel and glass armor. Infantry are also a potential threat to the D-90, especially when they are armed with anti-vehicle weapons such as rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs). 

Tanks rip D-90s apart with their main cannons; with threats like these on the battlefield, the D-90 tends to avoid direct confrontations with other enemy vehicles.

What the D-90 lacks in firepower it makes up with speed. The D-90 can outrun most enemies, but has difficulty with tanks, due to the range of their weapon; so finding cover is better than running against tanks. Most weapons of 20mm caliber and higher can destroy D-90s with ease.

The D-90 also has the ability to repair other vehicles, and so makes for a cheaper alternative to the Repair Tanks, more so if a commander is not of the Support role.


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