The Defender-90 is one of NATO's main transport vehicles

The Defender-90, a militarized Land Rover Ninety (now known as a Land Rover Defender), is an armed troop transport vehicle used by NATO. The D-90's main purpose is to transport and deploy infantry rapidly and safely, as well as engaging potential threats to its passengers.

In-Game Info Edit

The D-90 ingame is armed with a 7.62x51mm M240B Medium Machine gun that is meant for engaging infantry and non/lightly armored vehicles. 

Although the D-90 is lethal against infantry, it has thin steel and glass armor. Infantry are also a potential threat to the D-90, especially when they are armed with anti-vehicle weapons such as rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs). 

Tanks rip D-90s apart with their main cannons; with threats like these on the battlefield, the D-90 tends to avoid direct confrontations with other enemy vehicles.

What the D-90 lacks in firepower it makes up with speed. The D-90 can outrun most enemies, but has difficulty with tanks, due to the range of their weapon; so finding cover is better than running against tanks. Most weapons of 20mm caliber and higher can destroy D-90s with ease.

The D-90 also has the ability to repair other vehicles, and so makes for a cheaper alternative to the Repair Tanks, more so if a commander is not of the Support role.

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