The Soviet headquarters had been found and we were to destroy it as swiftly as possible. If we succeeded, the Soviet defenses would collapse and France would be liberated. But if we failed, we would be cut off from the main force and annihilated. It was a daring move, typical of the Colonel. "Always aim for a killing blow, everything else is a waste of time and energy", he said to us once, and that motto seemed to permeate all his decisions. He was always certain, but the world was not.

Seeing the Elephant


Lightning Strike (Soviet Assault only)
Beyond the Iron Curtain

Deep Strike
Part of World in Conflict campaign
WiC Prelude 07 Pict 01

August 1989


Near Marseille, France

Flag NATO NATO Ussr flag Soviet Union
Usa flag Jeremiah Sawyer
Flag France Jean-Baptiste Sabatier
Usa flag Mark Bannon
Usa flag Parker
Ussr flag Unknown Soviet commander(s)

Primary objective Destroy the enemy headquarters (50 minutes)
Primary objective Secure the bridges (2 targets)
Primary objective Protect the bridges (2 targets)
Secondary objective The church must stay unharmed
Secondary objective Destroy the enemy mortars
Primary objective Clear out the town defenders (5 targets)
Secondary objective Capture or destroy the MRLS
Primary objective Defend the bridges


WiC NATO Icon Small NATO



Primary objective = primary objective, Secondary objective = secondary objective

Deep Strike is the seventh mission of World in Conflict.


The combat team lead by Colonel Sawyer has been tasked with striking at the headquarters of the entire Soviet division before the final phase of the offensive begins. Recapture the town, fight your way to the top of the hill and deliver a crippling blow to the Soviet occupation force by destroying that HQ.


Secure The Bridges/Destroy The Enemy MortarsEdit

Although Sawyer recommends using infantry here, it'll be difficult to do, since they have a hard time capturing control points when they're stuck inside a building. Build one, but the rest of your reinforcement points should be devoted to a couple of medium artillery units and then a bunch of light tanks, with perhaps one medium for support.

When you're ready to move towards a bridge, use your artillery units to fire mortars at the anti-tank fortifications in the area until they're destroyed, then move up your tanks and start controlling the eastern side of your chosen target bridge. With the mortars firing on the far side, you should be able to quickly move across the rest of your tanks and take the control point. Leave them on the far side of the bridge until you build your own fortifications, using your mortars to start taking out the fortifications at the other bridge.

Around this time, you'll be told of enemy mortars in the southern hills. To destroy them, call down an airborne infantry drop onto the location and use their artillery feature. (You can also use a scout helicopter if you built one of those). Alternately, you can just use a tank buster aid to take out the mortars with ease, assuming you can see them.

Clear out the Town Defenders/Capture or Destroy the MRLSEdit

When you have the bridges in your possession, deploy more tanks and start making your way through the town, using your artillery to clear out occupied buildings. You'll get the position of some enemy heavy artillery on the northern side of town. You can capture it, but with difficulty; it's easiest to again drop some infantry there and use tactical aid to simply destroy the artillery.

Now, the trek through the town is pretty difficult. There are a lot of occupied buildings here, with various types of enemy troops inside of them. Some of them will be anti-armor, some will be snipers, and some will be regular old infantry. It can be a slog to get through the town, but you have options: the best way to go is to keep your troops near one of the bridges and use a scout helicopter and a pair of medium artillery units to fire away at any fortified buildings that you find. As you clear the areas around the control points, move tanks up to them to eliminate them from the map.

The Church Must Stay UnharmedEdit

After you reach up towards the church itself, you can start moving up your tanks for real. If you're trying to eliminate the enemy without destroying the church, use bunker busters on the anti-tank fortifications and avoid using your artillery units. In fact, at this point, you can probably disband the artillery and summon more tanks, or fortify the western sides of the bridges with anti-tank units in the buildings around them.

After clearing the church, a huge enemy assault will start coming your way from across the bridge. Quickly move all of your forces back to the bridges. Note here that you can only lose if the enemy manages to actually build fortifications around the river points; that means you don't have to completely hold the eastern sides of the bridge. If you're willing to forego the fortifications, you can simply park a whole lot of tanks near the western sides of the bridges and prevent them from overrunning you. Periodically helicopters will come and attack you; you won't have much to use on them, but they'll leave soon enough.

Hold the bridges for a couple of minutes and you'll win the game.


WiC Medal Campaign Primary 07 Armed Forces Expeditionary Ribbon
Awarded for meritorious conduct in combat operations on foreign soil against the Soviet Union.
WiC Medal Campaign Secondary 07 Legion of Merit
Awarded for exceptionally meritorious conduct during the NATO offensive against the Soviet Union in Southern France. Despite personal risk of life you acted with merit while completing the final assault on the Soviet divisional command post.
WiC Medal Campaign Extra 1 French Campaign Ribbon
Awarded for the successful conclusion of combat operations aimed to end the Soviet occupation of Southern France.

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