Come on, you Commies! Me and my boys are gonna set you up on a dinner date with Stalin!
Private Doe during the Invasion of Seattle

Doe was a Private in U.S. Army of the United States of America. He served with the Washington National Guard in 1989.

World War IIIEdit

World War III broke out in Western Europe when the Soviet Union attacked NATO. As a member of the National Guard, Doe and his unit have not yet been called to the frontlines. However, they were forced into battle against the Soviets when they invaded the city of Seattle four months into the war. Along with the rest of the National Guard, Private Doe and his men fought the Soviets as they unloaded their assault force into the city's harbors. Doe can be heard swearing to destroy the Soviets and refusing to surrender. Sadly, the U.S. was overwhelmed and forced to surrender Seattle when they retreated from the city. It remains unconfirmed whether Doe was killed at the harbor or if he managed to escape.

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