Earl Davis

WiC Phonecall 03 Earl Davis

Biographical information
Relative(s) Harriet Bannon (wife)
Mark Bannon (stepson)
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair color Grey
Political information
Nationality Caucasian-American

Earl Davis is a stepfather of Captain Mark Bannon and a US Army veteran possibly the Vietnam War. He was a friend of Captain Bannon's father.


Military careerEdit

Little is known about him during his time as a soldier. Possibly a soldier fighting in Vietnam along with Bannon's father. After the war in Vietnam, he was honorably retired and lived as a civilian. He also married Harriet Bannon and became the stepfather of Captain Bannon.

World War IIIEdit

When the World War III broke out, the Soviets had invaded Seattle and forced the US forces to retreat. He was aware of the invasion and even blamed the US soldiers for cowardice during the battle calling them "spoiled brats" including his own stepson even calling him "sissy" who is been talked back by Captain Bannon saying: "Yeah, well I didn't see you winning any wars!", meaning that he did not see him fighting the Soviets himself. It seems like Captain Bannon hates him more than he hates the enemy.

He and Bannon's mother weren't aware of Captain Bannon's death at Cascade Falls Battle when the nuclear missile struck the town killing all of the invaders including Bannon and his Charlie Company. Though his mother grieves for his death, Earl is perhaps indifferent of him gone.

His current fate is unknown.

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