German Democratic Republic
Deutsche Demokratische Republik
Flag East Germany
Political information
Type Marxist–Leninist socialist state
Constitution 1968
Head of State Erich Honecker
Head of Government Willi Stoph
Affiliation Warsaw Pact
Military Nationale Volksarmee
Societal information
Capital East Berlin
Language(s) German
Currency Mark der DDR
National anthem Auferstanden aus Ruinen
National holiday 7 October
Historical information
Date established October 7, 1949
Conflicts World War III


East Germany (officially the German Democratic Republic) is a Marxist–Leninist communist state and a major belligerent in the war unfolding in World in Conflict. It is an ally of the Soviet Union and a member of the Warsaw Pact. It invaded West Berlin and West Germany aided by its Soviet allies during the initial days of World War III.

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