We were still in Norway when we heard the news. Several NATO battalions had been airdropped inside our country and I think many of us were shaken to the core that day. Our image of the invulnerable motherland cracked in a way that could not be easily mended. Captain Malashenko loudly proclaimed that he would smear the ground red with the blood of the NATO bastards who had dared to enter our homeland. The Colonel tried to calm us, saying that there would be blood shed soon enough. But we didn't settle down until we had boarded the planes back home - our fiery rage doused with cold determination, and vengeance foremost on our mind.

Lair of the Bear


Liberty Lost

For the Motherland
SA Prelude 5 Final

October 1989


Near Olenegorsk, Russian SFSR, USSR

Ussr flag Soviet Union Flag NATO NATO
Ussr flag Vladimir Orlovsky
Ussr flag Nikolai Malashenko
Ussr flag Romanov
Flag NATO Unknown NATO commander(s)

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For the Motherland is the fifth and penultimate Soviet mission of World in Conflict: Soviet Assault.


NATO has made a veiled incursion into Soviet territory with a two-pronged attack. The forces led by Colonel Orlovsky must defend a prisoner of war camp located near a quarry. The prisoners held there are important NATO officers and they are needed for exchange against Soviet officers held by NATO.


For Lieutenant Romanov, this mission is comprised of two primary stages. In the first stage, he is tasked to provide fire support to Captain Malashenko, as he defends the Northern and Southern fronts from NATO infiltration. In the second, the Colonel takes command of the artillery pieces, with the lieutenant gaining control of a squadron of helicopters to assist in thwarting the enemy attack on the POW camp.

Prior to the commencement of the first attack, Romanov uses artillery fire to annihilate three NATO scout groups concealed in forests in the vicinity. After that, the adversary launches large attacks, consisting of waves of infantry and armoured vehicles, against the fortified Soviet positions. Throughout the battle, the colonel signals to Romanov of incoming artillery bombardment on his position, so he can order his units to escape the strike zone swiftly. NATO also sends squadrons of attack helicopters toward his position, but these can be wiped out relatively easy with the two medium anti-aircraft vehicles he is given. As the battle intensifies (NATO attacking from both directions simultaneously), the colonel detects incoming NATO carpet bombers. He orders the captain to retreat his forces to safety, and defend from the quarry.

The colonel is informed of the availability of attack helicopters, so he decides to retake command of the artillery units and provide Romanov with access to air units to defend on the frontline alongside Malashenko. The captain then reports that NATO is bombarding his positions with heavy artillery fire; as a result, Romanov is given the Secondary Objective of neutralising the enemy heavy artillery batteries. Due to the rapid intensification of the NATO attack, the Russians retreat to the POW -- their final stand. The attack ceases with NATO withdrawing from the camp.


SA Medal M14 Primary Excellent Artillery Man Badge
Awarded for your skillful use of artillery when defending the Motherland against enemy raiders.
SA Medal M14 Secondary Order of the Red Star
For your successful protection of the prison camp you have been awarded the Order of the Red Star. Your skill in the use of both artillery and Frontal Aviation assets proved invaluable during the battle and helped save the lives of both the NATO prisoners and your comrades in the battle group.

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