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It was a rout. Our scatter forces headed for Seattle and the relief we hoped we would find there. To use a nuclear bomb on one's own country... it was insanity on a scale unmatched even by our own generals. It also destroyed what dreams we had of ever achieving victory in America. If it hadn't been for the Colonel we wouldn't have known about Cascade Falls at all. Based on the communiques from Moscow, all was as fine as could be. And now that the Chinese had declared themselves as our allies, victory was supposedly within reach - again. But we knew better...

Once More unto the Breach


Before the Storm

SA Prelude 6 Final

March 1990


Washington, USA

Ussr flag Soviet Union Usa flag United States
Ussr flag Vladimir Orlovsky
Ussr flag Nikolai Malashenko
Ussr flag Valerie Lebedjev
Ussr flag Romanov
Usa flag Unknown American commander(s)

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Fratricide is the sixth and final mission of World in Conflict: Soviet Assault.


Soviet forces are in complete disarray following the nuclear disaster at Cascade Falls. The battle group led by Orlovsky is slowly making its way north toward Seattle but they are harried from all sides by American forces. At the same time they must protect a convoy filled with comrades wounded in battle.


SA Medal M18 Primary Combined Arms Specialist
Awarded for the display of extraordinary skill in combined arms warfare against a superior force during the American campaign.
SA Medal M18 Secondary For Valor
Awarded for exceptional heroism during maneuvers in America. Due to your exemplary actions, often performed with complete disregard for your own life, many wounded comrades were saved from certain death by American hands. If all the sons of the state carried themselves with such valor this war would already have been won.
SA Medal Campaign Extra 2 KGB Medal
Awarded for meritorious action in the service of the KGB. For your unwavering faith in the policies of the state, your sound political sense and high moral standards you are hereby commended with this medal.

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