Battle for Pine Valley

SA Prelude 2 Final

November 17, 1989


Washington, USA

Ussr flag Soviet Union Usa flag United States
Ussr flag Vladimir Orlovsky
Ussr flag Nikolai Malashenko
Ussr flag Romanov
Usa flag Unknown American commander(s)


  • Destroy the attackers
  • Secure the eastern ford
  • Clear the farm



WiC USSR Icon Small Soviet Union



Harvest is the second mission of World in Conflict: Soviet Assault.


The Russians have moved out of Seattle and are now expanding their perimeter throughout Washington state. The battle group lead by Colonel Orlovsky initially has it easy, but soon enough they encounter the first group of hard-headed American defenders.


The ultimate goal of the mission is to expand Soviet territory over farmland Washington. Lieutenant Romanov is firstly tasked to advance toward an airport and farm for reconnaissance. Captain Maleshanko suggests that the elusive hostile forces are moving toward the bridge, so Colonel Orlovsky orders Romanov to capture it as soon as possible.

Following the elimination of the forces, a US bomber demolishes the bridge, causing Maleshanko's forces to be trapped on the other side of the river. In response, Orlovsky orders the lieutenant to move West and capture and fortify the crossing. Along the way, the colonel suggests the lieutenant of eliminating the M1 tank flanking the position, asserting that loss of these tanks would be a serious blow to the American battalion force. After the player has established fortifications around the crossing, two medium tanks and anti-tank infantry will counter-attack the position.

When these units have been decimated, the colonel orders Romanov to destroy enemy occupation of the large farm ahead. With the multitude of hostile units -- both infantry and tanks -- the colonel tells Romanov that frontal aviation will take care of the forces through detonation of fuel-air bombs. The lieutenant then fortifies the bridge against the incoming American attack. Another Secondary Objective of the mission is to establish 3 additional machine gun fortifications to enhance the battalion's capability to thwart the US attack. As the attack commences, Romanov receives two tactical aids at his disposal: the tank buster and light artillery barrage.

The American attack comprises primarily of tanks (there are medium and heavy tanks which should be annihilated with the tank buster as soon as possible as they will wreck havoc on your units and the fortifications). After a short skirmish, the intensity of the attack diminishes, opening a window of opportunity for expanding the Soviet territory -- the next primary objective. The Soviets continue expanding their positions toward the corner of the map until the American retreat.


SA Medal M4 Primary Excellent Reconnaissance Scout Badge
Bestowed for excellent performance as a motorized rifle scout during combat maneuvers in America.
SA Medal M4 Secondary Medal for Combat Service
Due to your exceptional conduct when dealing with a strong adversary you have been awarded this medal. Your expedient use of firepower and small unit tactics contributed to the successful destruction of enemy forces outside Seattle.

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