USA: AH-64A Apache


NATO: A129 Mangusta

The Heavy Attack Helicopter is strong, fast and powerful, with an arsenal of anti-tank missiles, unguided rockets and a powerful anti-infantry cannon. They are strong against tanks, but has limited abilities to fend off other helicopters. Very effective in hit-and-run operations.

  • Base Cost: 1200
  • Speed: Very High
  • View Distance: Long
  • Fire Range: Medium
  • Armor: Medium

Offensive Ability:

USA: Hellfire Missile

USSR: AT-6 Spiral

NATO: HOT Missile

Launches an anti-tank missile, capable of defeating any tank armor in the world. Best used to disable important enemy vehicles from a safe distance.

Defensive Ability:

USA/USSR/NATO: Drop Flares

Ejects a salvo of burning-hot IR countermeasures. Likely, but not guaranteed, to divert incoming hostile missiles.

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