The Heavy Tank is one of the most common units in most battles, but is by no means always the most efficient. While no unit has stronger armor or a more powerful main cannon, the high cost, low movement speed and inefficiency against enemy infantry ensures that this modern main battle tank will not completely replace the older, cheaper tanks on the battlefields. For tank hunting, however, the Heavy Tank remains the tank commander’s best friend.


USA: M1A1 Abrams

NATO: Leopard 2A4


The Heavy Tank is very useful for fighting against other Heavy Tanks. The Heavy Tank can easily destroy any armored unit or vehicle. The Heavy Tank is also more than capable of dealing with infantry should the need to fight them arise. Heavy Tanks also have the ability to combat Air Units with the use of it's Machine gun. Though not that effective, it does get the job done.

A useful combat facet of the heavy tank is its range: it can "snipe" vehicles and infantry from great distances without compromising its position. This makes squads of invisible heavy tanks especially dangerous to weaker ground units if they are within firing distance. Also, the HEAT can be used to kill individual soldiers akin to sniper infantry.

Although its primary armament is the smoothbore cannon, the tank features a coaxial machine gun which can engage infantry and helicopters in the vicinity. The damage inflicted by this machine gun is rather low -- as its incorporation into the unit design is presumably for aesthetics and detail for its own sake -- hence any consideration for elimination of these units, using this facet alone, would require an unnecessarily large squadron.


Against ArmorEdit

The Heavy Tank as mentioned can destroy armored units and vehicles effectively. The Heavy Tank's special ability is also useful against armored units, provided that the HEAT round hits the rear.

Against SupportEdit

The Heavy Tank is adept at destroying AA Units very quickly and effectively. Against artillery, the Heavy Tank needs to close the distance in order to engage it. The process is slow but rewarding. HEAT rounds are recommended as support vehicles are lightly armored.

Against InfantryEdit

Most Infantry units just annoy Heavy Tanks, but Heavy Tanks should be cautious if a Anti-Tank squad is close by. But since AT Squads are only effective in numbers, firing rounds from long range is the best option.

Against AirEdit

Air units should be avoided when unsupported by AA Units. But if the Air unit is low on HP or number, then trying to kill it is an option. If there are enough tanks, a single helicopter can be brought down quickly. However, AA support vehicles are required for larger numbers of helicopters.

Anti-Air Support and FlankingEdit

AA SupportEdit

The Heavy Tank performs best when supported by AA Units. A group of 4 Heavy Tanks combined with 2 or 4 Heavy Anti-Air Units and a Scout Chopper can make a formidable force.


Flanking is crucial if a group of evenly numbered Heavy Tanks fight each other. Flanking is done by going behind the enemy Heavy Tank. The rear is always the weakest part of a unit. Shots to the rear of a Heavy Tank can easily destroy it.

For engaging other armored units, flanking is just an option, since shots to the front of the Medium Tank already causes sufficient damage.