Hong Kong, referred to as British Hong Kong as of 1989, is a crown colony and later a British Dependent Territory under British administration. It is expected to be returned to China in 1997.

History Edit

The British took Hong Kong after the defeat of China in the First Opium Wars.

Hong Kong was occupied by the Japanese in 1941.

In September 1982, during a meeting with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Chinese Leader Deng Xiaoping, Deng remarked that China could invade Hong Kong if they really wanted to and it would be quick one. After failing to renew a lease to extends Britain's administration over the territory, it was agreed that the United Kingdom would return Hong Kong back to the Chinese by 1997.

World War III Edit

China may already have invaded Hong Kong when it declared war on the United States and possibly the UK, NATO and other allied states. If this is proven true, the invasion may have been motivated in order to return Hong Kong back to China, and thus proving that Deng's forces could easily retake it.

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