Infantry is the core of the armies during the Cold War, just as it was during WWI and WWII. They are trained for combat in urban areas and open fields. The are commonly deployed in squads of 5:

  • A rifleman armed with an assault rifle and a grenade launcher attachment. Primary role of the rifleman is engage and kill other enemy soldiers.
  • A medic is also armed with an assault rifle and a grenade launcher attachment. Primary role of the medic is to heal soldiers in the squad. Also a back-up Rifleman for the main Rifleman.
  • An anti-tank gunner armed with an RPG. Primary role is to engage and destroy enemy vehicles, as well as fortifications.
  • An anti-aircraft gunner armed with a Man Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS). Primary role is to engage and destroy enemy aircraft.
  • A machine gunner armed with a machine gun or a Squad Automatic Weapon. Primary role is to assist the rifleman in killing enemy infantry. Also useful at killing light vehicles in concert with the Anti-Tank gunner.

Infantry SquadEdit

Infantry Squads are the basic, all-purpose roles for the infantry squad. Each squad has five members, one with a rifle with grenade launcher to deal with enemy infantry, one anti-tank soldier, another soldier armed with a heat-seeking surface-to-air missile, a machine gunner who lays down suppressive fire on enemy soldiers, and a medic, who automatically heals any injured infantry and and carries a rifle with grenade launcher.


USA: M16A2/M203/ M249 SAW/ M2CG (Carl Gustav)/ FIM-92 Stinger

USSR: AK-74M/GP-30/ PKM/ RPG-7/ 9K310 Igla-1 (SA-16 Gimlet)

NATO: FAMAS/M203/ FN MAG/ M136 AT4/ FIM-92 Stinger


The infantry squad's special abilties are: Grenade Launcher Barrage and Sprint.
  • Grenade Launcher Barrage: Riflemen equipped with M203 or GP-25 Grenade Launchers fire a volley of high-explosive 40mm grenades.
    • Medium range.
    • Infantry killer, does less damage against armored vehicles and tanks (unless their health is really low.)
    • Recharge time: 20 seconds, 17 seconds, 14 seconds, 11 seconds, and 9 seconds, depending on rank.
    • Medium impact range.
  • Sprint: The infantry squad moves at double speed, but cannot engage enemies for the duration of the ability.
    • Lasts 10 seconds.
    • Is a defensive ability (but can be used to pursue enemy infantry fleeing the scene, or attempting to run from an incoming airstrike)
    • Recharge time: 20 seconds, 17 seconds, 14 seconds, 11 seconds, and 9 seconds, depending on rank.


  • Cost for Infantry commanders: 650
  • Cost for Armor commanders: 1000
  • Cost for Air commanders: 1000
  • Cost for Support commanders: 850
  • HP: 490 hp each, total to 2450 hp. They have the ability to heal themselves and nearby friendly infantry. If the medic is dead, then this ability is disabled.
  • Speed: Slow.
  • Sight Range: Long
  • Firing range: Short
  • Power against Infantry: High
  • Power against Vehicles: Medium
  • Power against Tanks: Low
  • Power against Helicopters: High

Strategy for Infantry SquadsEdit

Infantry squads are strong against everything, but are vulnerable against everything. It is advisable that infantry should sprint from cover to cover, in forests or buildings to lessen the damage. Infantry can also ambush enemies when hidden in forests by holding fire. Infantry can also enter transpots. The transports are Armored Transports, Amphibious Transports, Transport Trucks, Troop Transports, and Transport Helicopters.

Any unit can attack infantry. Some strong infantry countermeasures are a well-timed artillery barrage, or tactical aid such as napalm strike, chemical strike, and light artillery barrage. Tanks and vehicles can squish infantry, but cannot squish them if they are in cover.

Dealing with InfantryEdit

Your infantry squads are infantry killers. Keep them in cover and attack them. Use your grenade launcher whenever possible. If there is a Sniper, all you can do is either call in a Tactical Aid, sacrifice a few units by charging in and shooting the Sniper, having a vehicle squish the sniper, or simply retreat.

Dealing with ArmorEdit

If you are dealing with only Light Tanks, you need about 3-4 infantry squads. However, if you are dealing with a Heavy Tank, it is best just to call in an Anti-Tank Infantry Squad. 4 of them should destroy a Heavy Tank in 2-3 hits. Watch out for the Medium Tank's offensive special, as it can kill your infantry squad quite quickly.

Dealing with AirEdit

Dealing with Air is by far the most dangerous. In the open, they can deciminate your squad very quickly, especially with the Heavy Attack Helicopter's Attack Ground, which will launch missiles at your infantry squad, killing it immediatly. It takes 4 shots for your infantry to kill 1 helicopter, so to make that happen, always try to find cover. If there are just too many, use an Air-to-Air Strike, or if on multiplayer, call in Anti-Air.

Dealing with SupportEdit

Support is usually the easiest to kill, because all of its vehicles are lightly armed. Hiding in a forest and simply shooting is enough to kill them, as most support vehicles, like the Heavy Anti-Air have no attack ground capabilities. However, artillery is something that you should be worried about. Artillery can quickly kill your infantry squad. On a map, always keep on the move, so that artillery will have trouble hitting you.


Of all the roles, infantry is the least used in multiplayer, generally to its vulnerable nature. It is the hardest to master of all the roles, but if you do, then it's also the most powerful role. Infantry is the only unit that does not have to be protected. Armor need anti-air, anti-air needs ground and air support (either tanks or helicopter), and helicopters need ground units as well. But infantry can deal with any situation, allowing the player to be perfectly independent. If a player is an infantry commander, they will most likely use Infantry Squads during the beginning, because it can attack anything. However as the game progresses, the player may call down Anti-Tank Infantry Squads if there are a lot of tanks, or snipers if there is a lot of enemy infantry.

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