Nobody had counted on the American civilians putting up such resistance. Everywhere we went, we were greeted with bullets. And our battalion had it easy. We had been tasked with pacifying the countryside, while four other regiments pushed into the mountains. They were headed towards a town called Cascade Falls, where there was some grand objective not even Colonel Orlovsky knew the details about. All we knew was that it might mean an end to the war. I remember thing about those comrades, struggling through the cold and the snow, facing death at every turn. And I was ashamed, for I was happy that I wasn't with them.

Into the Mountains


Last Stand

SA Prelude 3 Final

November 1989


Washington, USA

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Insurgents is the third mission of World in Conflict: Soviet Assault.


While the majority of the Soviet forces in the U.S. are advancing into the Cascade Range, Colonel Orlovsky's battle group has been tasked with pacifying the countryside. The American guerrillas have intensified their attacks and they must be neutralized.


The mission involves the Soviet infiltration of a farmland, with the strategic goal of capturing a critical American insurgency camp. Upon the commencement, it is learnt from Colonel Orlovsky that reinforcement availability is restricted by the attack at Cascade Falls. As a consequence of this, Lieutenant Romanov has a set number of infantry units up his sleeve.

The first objective he is tasked to accomplish is the elimination of all anti-air vehicles and fortifications inside a large farm. The farm is heavily defended with a multitude of infantry units and armoured vehicles. Following the task, he retreats to a designated point where Soviet bombers can demolish the buildings, and transport helicopters can transfer the troops to Hill 58 to begin the objective of capturing the position.

As the lieutenant has captured the command points, he receives a Secondary Objective of destroying the gas station, which is apparently of strategic importance to the insurgents. The American counter-attack on the hill finishes with Soviet fighter jets incinerating the advancing US infantry with napalm strikes on the surrounding forest. The lieutenant then proceeds to the final and most important objective, and that is to capture and fortification of the Main Camp.

The Americans launch a retaliatory attack following its fall into Soviet hands. Romanov receives another Secondary Objective: eliminate the hostile demolition engineers before they detonate explosives on the bridge which gives Maleshanko's forces accessibility to the camp for assisting Romanov to repel the US attack. Although not an objective, it is emphatically recommended that the player neutralises the three hostile heavy artillery pieces, either through heavy artillery barrages or tank busters, that will bombard the positions.


SA Medal M7 Primary Excellent Infantryman Badge
For showing diligence and focus when commanding an infantry unit in battle you have been awarded this badge of excellence.
SA Medal M7 Secondary For Combat Merits
Bestowed for meritorious conduct during the battle. Your swift destruction of enemy supplies and the elimination of enemy officers and engineers will prove to the enemy that the Red Army's might is not to be questioned.

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