Invasion of West Germany


Invasion of France

Invasion of Norway

September 29th 1989


Northern Norwegian coast


Soviet strategic victory

  • Destruction of NATO air defenses in Norway
  • Corridor opened for air raids by Soviet bombers against NATO targets in Western Europe
Flag Soviet Union Soviet Union Flag NATO NATO
Col. Vladimir Orlovsky Unknown
Soviet Army
  • One battalion

Soviet Navy

Norwegian Army
  • Unknown
Casualties and losses
Moderate Moderate

The Soviet Invasion of the Norwegian Coast was an operation led by Colonel Orlovsky to disable NATO anti-air missile launchers stationed in Norway that caused problems for Soviet aircraft to send in reinforcements and fire support in North Europe.

They began the invasion on the Norwegian coast with heavily modified seaborne cargo planes attacking the coast and unloaded Soviet units onshore. Though the Norwegians fought valiantly, they were defeated thanks to Lieutenant Romanov.

The result in the operation was a success: the anti-air defenses were neurtalized, NATO forces on retreat,and gained access to aerial transport. But it came a heavy price: NATO bombers had bombed the oil rigs to deny the Soviets their resources and heavy resistance from Norwegian forces backed by NATO which caused casualties.Because of the fall of norway the royal navy had to deal with 2 fronts

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