Invasion of West Germany

Invasion of the United States of America

November 9th 1989 - 2nd April 1990


North America


Decisive American victory

  • Seattle liberated from Soviet occupation.
  • Chinese intervention in Seattle repelled.
  • Soviet forces repelled from Washington and South Western Canada (Vancouver island).
Flag United States United States
Flag Canada Canada
Flag Soviet Union Soviet Union
Pres. George H.W. Bush
Gen. Morgan
Col. Jeremiah Sawyer
Cpt. Parker
Gen. Sec. Mikhail Gorbachev
Col. Orlovsky (K.I.A)
Cpt. Nikolai Malashenko (K.I.A)
Lt. Romanov
United States Armed Forces

Canadian Armed Forces

Soviet Armed Forces
  • Soviet Army
    • 34th Tank Guards Division
  • Soviet Navy
  • Soviet Air Force
  • Soviet Airborne Troops
Casualties and losses
Heavy Heavy

Disrupt REFROGER convoys from North America

11-99! 11-99 emergency! They have gunships! I repeat, gunships! Need help immediately! America is under attack!
Unknown Seattle Police Officer

The Invasion of the United States of America was the American Theater and a major conflict of World War III.


After Colonel Sawyer and the rest of their officers took the shipping yard and destroyed the submarines, they found some interesting yet extremely grave news on some documents and sheets.

The Russians were planning a naval and amphibious assault on the East Coast Of The United States. Their attack was to use some of their submarines to decimate the American naval yards. And by the time Colonel Sawyer and the rest found this out it was already too late. The Russians had already sent out their submarines sometime earlier, and most were about halfway there. So, Colonel Sawyer sent out a signal and was able to warn the East Coast about the oncoming attack. It was fortunate, they were able to warn the people about the attacks and destroy most of the submarines in the shipyard in their attack, with the exception of one sub.

The East Coast of the United StatesEdit

Assault on Norfolk and Little CreekEdit

Only two known areas were attacked. One was Little Creek and the other was Norfolk. Only some of the submarines managed to reach Norfolk and Little Creek and caused some damage, but were ultimately destroyed.

Assault on New YorkEdit

A little while later, but far away in New York, several battalions of Spetsnaz Commandos had managed to sneak into port and into the area. They were able to take over Ellis, Governor and Liberty Islands. They also captured alot of United States Army equipment and took all of the people there into buildings and into hostage.

Battle of the Atlantic OceanEdit

Around the same time as when Norfolk and Little Creek were attacked, a large Soviet Union Navy Battle Group was intercepted. Three United States Navy Battle Groups had intercepted them and fought them. An unknown battle happened there.

First American Assault on New YorkEdit

After the soviets captured Liberty, Ellis and Governors Island, many US attack helicopters attacked Governors Island, but were ultimately defeated by the many Anti Air united there already and later in the second assault is mentioned that the American took heavy losses in the first assault.


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The West Coast Of The United StatesEdit

Invasion Of SeattleEdit

"We're getting reports about a developing situation at the harbor front. We have a lot of unmarked container ships approaching, and they are refusing to identify themselves. Over"

On November 9th, 1989 the Soviet Armed Forces launched a surprise, unchecked, full-scale invasion on the West Coast Of The United States Of America. Their first and only known target on The West Coast was the city of Seattle. The Russians were able to sneak past the U.S Navy and immediately opened fire on the city. Tanks, armored transports, transport vehicles, support vehicles anti-air vehicles, light vehicles and platoons of infantry came out the cargo trucks that the Russians were hiding in, and soon took over. Soviet troops were now on American Soil.

The Battle of SeattleEdit

Now there were only very precious few units in the area at the time of the invasion. This included Colonel Sawyer's battalion (Even though he wasn't there at this specific time) and others.

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