Captain/Major James Webb a.k.a. "Alpha-Six" is a US commander who fights alongside with Colonel Sawyer and the Chief in Command of 5th Battalion.


Born in 1959, in Cleveland, Ohio, Webb is a laconic and competent warrior who tends to act rather than speak. He enlisted as a private in the 82nd Airborne Division and was soon selected for OCS (officer candidate school). After finishing OCS, he went on to Ranger school and the 75th Ranger Regiment, where he became a platoon lieutenant. He experienced some intense action in Grenada with the Rangers and was eventually promoted to captain.

In 1984 he was chosen as part of a secret task force led by Colonel Sawyer in Nicaragua. The operation failed, and after barely escaping with his life and a severe knee injury, Webb still feels that he owes his life to the Colonel. The injury resulted in a permanent handicap and Webb was declared unfit for combat duty. He was assigned to be an instructor at Ranger School after a prolonged convalescence, but had a hard time adjusting, and when Colonel Sawyer offered him a command in his battalion he accepted at once. Webb took good care of the men serving under him and he is a sound tactician.

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