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WiC USSR Air Scout Ka-25 Hormone
WiC Ingame Ka-25 Hormone
WiC Icon Air Scout Scout helicopter
Faction WiC USSR Icon Small Soviet Union
Role WiC Air Icon Air
WiC Infantry Icon 800 WiC Support Icon 900
WiC Armor Icon 900 WiC Air Icon 600
Hit points 980
Armor Low
Speed Fast (90/100)
Line of sight Far
Armament(s) 80 mm rockets
Firepower Low
Weapon range Medium
Special Abilities
Offensive: IR scan
WiC Ability IR Scan Detects enemy units hidden in smoke clouds, forests, and buildings.
Defensive: Drop flares
WiC Ability Drop Flares Ejects a salvo of burning-hot IR countermeasures that are likely to divert incoming hostile missiles.

The Kamov Ka-25 "Hormone" was a naval helicopter used by the Soviet Navy. In World in Conflict, the Ka-25 serves as the scout helicopter of the Soviet forces.

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