We had barely gotten out of the area when we got orders to head north to a Soviet naval yard on the coast. The information we'd retrieved from the plane wreck indicated that several nuclear submarines were tied up there. A greater number than usual, as if they were preparing for something special. It was decided by the higher ups that, since we were already in the vicinity, we would go in and destroy as many subs as possible before the Soviets had a chance to react. I think the Colonel had something to do with that plan as well. It was just his kind of mission in so many ways.

Beyond the Iron Curtain


For the Motherland (Soviet Assault only)
Liberty Lost

Lair of the Bear
Part of World in Conflict campaign
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October 1989


Near Murmansk, Russian SFSR, USSR

Flag NATO NATO Ussr flag Soviet Union
Usa flag Jeremiah Sawyer
Flag Norway Johannesen
Usa flag Parker
Usa flag Mark Bannon
Ussr flag Unknown Soviet commander(s)
Flag Norway Task Force Raven Ussr flag Soviet forces

Primary objective Secure submarine one (6 minutes)
Primary objective Secure submarine three before it departs (11 minutes)
Secondary objective Destroy the helicopters (5 targets)
Primary objective Hold submarine three (4 minutes)
Secondary objective Destroy the Soviet artillery (3 targets)
Primary objective Secure the residential area
Primary objective Hold submarine one (4 minutes)


WiC NATO Icon Small NATO



Lair of the Bear is the ninth mission of World in Conflict.


Intelligence retrieved from the downed stealth plane has uncovered that several Soviet nuclear submarines are tied up at port. They constitute an excellent target of opportunity and the mission is to capture and destroy them before they leave.


The mission takes place at a submarine port in Soviet territory. Lieutenant Parker, along with Captain Bannon, is tasked to eliminate enemy resistance and secure three submarine ports before they depart. The military action seeks to obtain information regarding submarine specifications and manoeuvres.

Parker's arsenal of units comprise of infantry, the heavy tank and other support vehicles. He is tasked with Primary Objectives of the following order: capture and secure command points for Submarine 1; capture and secure command points for Submarine 3; capture and secure the residential area; and assist Bannon in defending positions at Submarine 1 against a major Soviet attack.

Secondary Objectives include: destroying all transport helicopters at the Soviet airpad, and eliminating the three artillery units while repelling the Soviet counter-attack at Submarine 3.


Secure Submarine OneEdit

Four heavy tanks and a single repair tank will form the bulk of your offensive strategy here. There's too many dug-in enemy infantry to worry about here to bother deploying infantry at this point; just stick with the tanks and roll them towards the first submarine. When you reach it, park three heavy tanks and your repair tank on the perimeter point furthest from the sub while a solo tank holds the point closest to it. That'll let you build up an anti-tank fortification while you hold the points.

Secure Submarine Three Before It Leaves/Destroy the HelicoptersEdit

When you get the objective to head northwest towards submarine three, pack up your tanks and start moving out. You'll eventually get word of choppers to the north that are planning on harassing you by airlifting in more troops. You can take them out with tactical aid pretty easily; just drop a few airstrikes over the airfield to destroy the bulk of the choppers, then use tank busters to finish off any stragglers.

When you reach the third submarine, it should be an easy job for your tanks to overwhelm the control point and take it. Use their HEAT rounds on the anti-tank fortifications to destroy them from a distance.

Hold Submarine Three/Destroy the Soviet ArtilleryEdit

You'll get some extra points here, so nab another heavy tank and start fortifying your position, placing the bulk of your tanks at the perimeter point furthest from the submarine. If you manage to completely fortify the position and quickly repair any tanks that take damage, you shouldn't have a problem holding your ground, especially if you periodically call in for airstrikes along the approaches of the enemy.

There will be a secondary objective here involving enemy artillery. Find the spot on your map and do the same thing you did for the helicopters: place an airstrike or three down on the spot, then use the visuals that you get to call for a tank buster for each of the artillery that remains alive. That'll finish them off.

Secure the Residential AreaEdit

You maybe looking at the residential area and thinking about how cool it would be to use the buildings as positions for your anti-tank soldiers, don't bother; the Soviets are way ahead of you and have already occupied them. Use laser-guided missiles to destroy them as you proceed to the control point there.

Start with the southwestern perimeter points and control them with one heavy tank apiece. You should have five heavy tanks and a repair tank at this point, so move three heavy tanks and the repair vehicle up to the northern perimeter point, where the bulk of the enemies are coming from, and fortify it to prevent the enemy tanks from breaking into town. Some will rush past you, but the heavies back in the other perimeter points should be able to take them down.

The first rush here is the worst, since helicopters will both attack and drop tanks behind your northern fortifications. You should be able to fight them off if you just stay calm and perhaps drop some airstrikes between your perimeter points. The choppers will last a while, but eventually your machine gun fortifications should drop them.

Your goal here is to build a full set of fortifications at each perimeter point. The northern one should be done quickly, but if you need more help at the southern points, move your repair tank down to more quickly build the fortifications.

Hold Submarine OneEdit

Fall back with your tanks to the position that Bannon is supposed to be holding. As he asks, bulk up the rear command point here, with the bulk of your tanks again facing the inland portion of the pier. Build it up and hold your ground. You should have plenty of tactical aid points here, since your heavy tanks can fire at targets so far away, so continually pelt the opponents with airstrikes along their roads of approach. You can lay down the airstrikes in between waves, feeling rather secure that by the time the planes do come, there'll be something there for them to hit.

At this point, all you need to do is hold your position until you reach the end of the timer. Repair your tanks and hold your ground.


A few submarines managed to leave port before you could destroy them, but the damage you inflicted will be felt by the Soviet Navy when they try to carry out their mission. If not for your daring exploits the plan to attack the U.S. east coast would never have been discovered.


WiC Medal Campaign Primary 09 NATO Ribbon
Awarded for commendable conduct while serving in a NATO-attached unit engaged in combat operations against hostile forces.
WiC Medal Campaign Secondary 09 Defense Distinguished Service Medal
Awarded for distinguished service while conducting operations together with a NATO unit on Soviet soil. Due to your commendable leadership and heroic actions several Soviet submarines were sunk and their plan to launch an attack on the US East Coast was partly thwarted.
WiC Medal Campaign Extra 2 Soviet Campaign Ribbon
Awarded for the successful conclusion of combat operations within the Soviet Union.

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