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Lair of the Bear
Part of World in Conflict campaign
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Near Murmansk, Russian SFSR, USSR

Flag NATO NATO Ussr flag Soviet Union
Usa flag Jeremiah Sawyer
Usa flag Parker
Usa flag Mark Bannon
Ussr flag Unknown Soviet commander(s)

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Lair of the Bear is the ninth mission of World in Conflict.


Intelligence retrieved from the downed stealth plane has uncovered that several Soviet nuclear submarines are tied up at port. They constitute an excellent target of opportunity and the mission is to capture and destroy them before they leave.


The mission takes place at a submarine port in Soviet territory. Lieutenant Parker, along with Captain Bannon, is tasked to eliminate enemy resistance and secure three submarine ports before they depart. The military action seeks to obtain information regarding submarine specifications and manoeuvres.

Parker's arsenal of units comprise of infantry, the heavy tank and other support vehicles. He is tasked with Primary Objectives of the following order: capture and secure command points for Submarine 1; capture and secure command points for Submarine 3; capture and secure the residential area; and assist Bannon in defending positions at Submarine 1 against a major Soviet attack.

Secondary Objectives include: destroying all transport helicopters at the Soviet airpad, and eliminating the three artillery units while repelling the Soviet counter-attack at Submarine 3.


WiC Medal Campaign Primary 09 NATO Ribbon
Awarded for commendable conduct while serving in a NATO-attached unit engaged in combat operations against hostile forces.
WiC Medal Campaign Secondary 09 Defense Distinguished Service Medal
Awarded for distinguished service while conducting operations together with a NATO unit on Soviet soil. Due to your commendable leadership and heroic actions several Soviet submarines were sunk and their plan to launch an attack on the US East Coast was partly thwarted.
WiC Medal Campaign Extra 2 Soviet Campaign Ribbon
Awarded for the successful conclusion of combat operations within the Soviet Union.

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