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Into the Mountains
Insurgents (Soviet Assault only)


Seeing The Elephant

Last Stand
Part of World in Conflict campaign
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December 1989


Cascade Falls, Washington, USA

Usa flag United States Ussr flag Soviet Union
Usa flag Jeremiah Sawyer
Usa flag Mark Bannon
Usa flag James Webb
Usa flag Parker
Ussr flag Unknown Soviet commanders
Usa flag 5th Supply Battalion
  • Alpha Company
  • Bravo Company
  • Charlie Company
Ussr flag Soviet ground forces
Casualties and losses
Bannon and Charlie Company annihilated Massive

WiC USA Icon Small United States



Unlike before we could not retreat, because if we did Fort Teller would fall and armageddon would follow in it's wake. We all knew what that meant and were determined to hold, no matter what.

Last Stand is the fifth mission of World in Conflict.


Cascade Falls is where the Russian advance must be stopped once and for all. If they reach Fort Teller they will uncover that the Star Wars project is non-functional which in turn might prompt them to launcher to nuclear missiles at us. Needless to say, we cannot allow this to happen.


WiC Medal Campaign Primary 05 Army Valorous Unit Award
Your battalion has been given this award to commemorate your extraordinary heroism, uncommon valor and selfless sacrifice during the defense of Cascade Falls.
WiC Medal Campaign Secondary 05 Distinguished Service Cross
Awarded for extreme gallantry and risk of life in actual combat with the armed forces of the Soviet Union. Due to your extraordinary bravery during the defense of Cascade Falls, where you repeatedly acted above and beyond the call of duty, the Soviet assault was stalled and the secret of Fort Teller kept safe.

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