Biographical information
Relative(s) Levinson family
Residence Seattle, Washington, USA
Physical information
Gender Male
Political information
Nationality American
Affiliation United States Army
Occupation West Point dean
Rank Brigadier General

West Point Dean Brigadier General Levinson is a US officer of the US military academy. His first name is not revealed.

Military HistoryEdit

Little is known about his military history. He had headed the West Point Academy teaching a new generation of US soldiers during the Cold War-era conflicts.

World War IIIEdit

When World War III broke out, he was unaware that the Soviets had attacked and taken Seattle. He was caught in the I-90 bridge engagement between retreating US forces and advancing Soviet army.

As the Soviet platoon are taking General Levinson and his family in his house, they were saved by Lieutenant Parker and his men. After being rescued they were boarding a Bradley and were taken away to other safer places where Soviet forces never set foot on including the civilian evacuees.

His current fate is unknown.

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