The Levinson Family is General Levinson's family living in the Levinson residence near the I-90 Bridge.

World War IIIEdit

When the Soviets engaged the Americans at the bridge, the Soviet troops had corraled civilians onto school buses and send them to concentration camps, but that was foiled by Bravo Company, to which the school buses were captured by the Americans and driven across the I-90 overpass on orders of Colonel Sawyer. Failing that, the Soviets turned their attention to capturing the private residence of General Levinson. Although General Levinson had been activated to fight, his wife, infant child and mother were inside, and would have been valuable hostages to the USSR. Soviet forces surrounded the Levinson residence ready to take the civilians prisoner, but the Red Army was once again thwarted by Bravo Company under the oversight of 1LT Parker, who had been ordered by CPT Bannon to evacuate the Levinson family. It is unknown how the Soviets found out about the private residence of General Levinson, although the most probable explanation would have been that the Red Army captured US government buildings and found licenses, permits or tax records of the Levinsons, thus giving them the vital intelligence. The final fate of the Levinsons was unknown, but they are presumably all alive as they were promptly rescued by the US Army and reunited with General Levinson, the family patriarch.