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Lightning Strike
SA Prelude 4 Final

September 29, 1989


Northern Norway

Ussr flag Soviet Union Flag NATO NATO
Flag Norway Norway
Ussr flag Vladimir Orlovsky
Ussr flag Nikolai Malashenko
Ussr flag Romanov
Flag NATO Unknown NATO commander(s)

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Lightning Strike is the fourth mission of World in Conflict: Soviet Assault.


In a lighting-fast raid on the Norwegian coast, the strike team led by Colonel Orlovsky hopes to destroy an air defense command center hidden deep inside a mountain. The main objective is to open up a corridor for Soviet bombers to fly through and hit NATO targets hitherto unreachable.


This mission is key to progressing Soviet operation in Europe, as it seeks to achieve a breakthrough of NATO forces occupying a remote Norwegian territory and neutralise a strategic command centre. The mission begins with Lieutenant Romanov tasked to demolish a radar inland from the beach of which his forces were deployed. The neutralisation of the telecommunication enables the Soviets to call in reinforcements and tactical aid, both of which are crucial to the successive goals. Proceeding from the demolition of the radar, Romanov receives the objective of clearing enemy defensive positions in the village and meeting up with the pilot's forces. When he has established fortifications at the beachhead, the colonel grants the lieutenant command of two heavy tanks.

Lieutenant Romanov is then tasked to capture an enemy anti-air base and its radar -- represented by a command point for each -- simultaneously, and if possible, before the first timeframe expires. The accomplishment of the objective before the expiration of the first timer guarantees the survival of friendly forces on the beach and is the only Secondary Objective of the mission. Romanov will then have to defend these positions against the waves of NATO units attacking. He is given a unique tactical aid, the incendiary bomb, which is a prototype being assigned to the lieutenant for temporary testing in combat situations. The bomb itself deals massive damage against both aerial and armoured ground forces. The flames cause any units traversing to undergo a progressive health-point reduction. When the lieutenant has repelled the attack, he is instructed to capture the command centre hidden behind the hills. Here, the player will encounter numerous hostile helicopters, namely scout and medium attack helicopters. Following the capture of the points, Romanov is instructed to repel another retaliatory attack, until the deployed Russian engineered have planted the explosives for destroying the building.


SA Medal M11 Primary Distinguished Military Service
For your participation in the successful raid into enemy territory you have been awarded the Distinguished Military Service Medal 1st Class.
SA Medal M11 Secondary Order of Alexander Nevsky
Awarded for outstanding heroism when repelling an incoming Norwegian air strike. If it hadn't been for your excellent maneuvering and expediency when capturing the SAM-launchers, many comrades on the beach would have perished in the incoming strike.

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