"Iceman""Magic""Mother Hen"
2S1 Gvozdika2S7 Pion5th Battalion
A129 MangustaAAVP7A1AH-1W Super Cobra
AH-64A ApacheAS VALAT4
AftermathAftermath of Cascade FallsAir
Airborne Infantry SquadAlec BaldwinAnti-tank infantry squad
Anton CarinoArgentinaArizona National Guard
BO-105 PAH-1BTR-80Bahamas
Battle for Pine ValleyBattle of Cascade FallsBattle of Clearwater Creek
Battle of New York CityBattle of Pine ValleyBefore The Storm
Beyond The Iron CurtainBrazilCalifornia National Guard
CanadaCascade FallsCharlie Company
Chieftain AAVRChieftain Mk 5Chile
ChinaClearwater CreekColette
Command PointCubaD-90
Deep StrikeDemolition engineerDnepr
DoeEarl DavisEast Germany
EgyptEmmetEverybody Wants to Rule the World
FV101 ScorpionFV432 Mortar CarrierFV510 Warrior
Flakpanzer GepardFor the MotherlandFort Teller
George H.W. BushGuide to UnitsHanson
Harriet BannonHarvestHeavy Attack Helicopter
Heavy TankHong KongIceland
IndiaInfantry RoleInfantry squad
InsurgentsInto the MountainsInvasion!
Invasion of FranceInvasion of NorwayInvasion of Seattle
Invasion of West GermanyInvasion of the United StatesIsrael
ItalyJames WebbJapan
Jean-Baptiste SabatierJeremiah SawyerJohannesen
Ka-25 HormoneLARS 110 SF 2Lair of the Bear
Last StandLeopard 2Levinson
Levinson FamilyLiberation!Liberation of Seattle
Liberty LostLightning StrikeList of Characters
Lun-class ekranoplanM1025 HMMWVM125 MCV
M163 VADSM1A1 AbramsM270 MLRS
M2A2 BradleyM48 ChaparralM551 Sheridan
M60A3 PattonM88A1 MRVM939 5-ton truck
Machine gunMain PageMark Bannon
Massive EntertainmentMastersonMedium tank
MexicoMi-24V HindMi-28 Havoc
Mi-8 HipMichael ThompsonMikhail Gorbachev
MorganMrs. SabatierNATO
National Training CenterNew York CityNew Zealand
NicaraguaNikolai MalashenkoNorway
OH-6A CayuseOnce More Unto The BeachOne Last Fight
Oregon National GuardPT-76Parker
PhilippinesPine ValleyPortugal
Portuguese MacauPrototype Stealth BomberRaid on Severomorsk
Reinforcement MenuRetreat of SeattleReunion
Roland FRKRomanovSA-13 Gopher
SA-330 Super PumaSA-341 GazelleSEATO
ScandinaviaSeattleSeattle Police Department
Seeing The ElephantSerpSeveromorsk
SoundtrackSouth AfricaSouth Korea
Soviet UnionSovremennyy-class destroyerSpain
Spähpanzer LuchsStrategic Defense InitiativeSu-25
T-80UTRM-4000Tactical Aid Menu
Tactical aidTaiwanTask Force Raven
ThailandTheaters of WarThomas
Transport TruckTroikaTroop Transport
Troop transportU.S.S. MissouriU.S. 5th Supply Battalion
U.S. Air ForceU.S. Army RangersU.S. Fifth Supply Battalion
U.S. Sixth FleetUH-60 Black HawkUSS Missouri
Unidentified Soviet commanderUnited KingdomUnited Nations
United States ArmyUnited States National GuardUnited States Pacific Fleet
United States of AmericaUrisUruguay
VT-55Valerie LebedjevVance
Vatican CityVeterancyVietnam
Vladimir OrlovskyWarsaw PactWashington
Washington National GuardWatsonWest Germany
West PointWilkinsWorld War III
World in ConflictWorld in Conflict: Soviet AssaultWorld in Conflict Guide
World in Conflict WalkthroughYugoslaviaZSU-23-4 Shilka

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