Tank-Mounted Machine Gun Edit

300px-NSVT (2)

An NSVT Machine Gun mounted on a tank

The Tank-Mounted machine gun, or MG, is a machine gun utilized by tanks and repair tanks as a secondary armament to combat infantry and Helicopters. The machine gun is fairly effective for both tasks. These machine guns are 12.7mm in caliber and hold about 250 Rounds. The machine guns on tanks are highly accurate at close to medium ranges, and have a high rate of fire.

These are the names of the machine guns used by each faction:

  • 12.7mm NSVT Machine Gun - Soviet Union
  • 12.7mm M2HB Machine Gun - United States
  • 7.62mm MG3A1 Machine Gun - NATO

In-Game Effectiveness Edit

180px-M2 - 24th MEU

US soldier using an M2HB Browning machine gun

The Tank Machine Gun's effectiveness in-game is somewhat less of that in real-life. But it's still capable of taking down units such as infantry, though at a very close range. It is also important to note that these machine guns can also target choppers, and are quite effective against Scout Helicopters, Transport Helicopters, and Medium Helicopters; and can also take down weakened Heavy Helicopters with ease.

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