Corporal Michael Thompson is a U.S. Army Washington National Guard who is seen trying to find his unit with Anton Carino during the Soviet Invasion of Seattle. He is seen carrying a portable CD player which he has trouble finding batteries for.


Thompson and Carino was absorbed into Colonel Sawyer's 5th Battalion during the invasion of Seattle. He fought in every major combat mission with that battalion, including the Cascade Falls battle. A few hours after the nuclear weapon detonated in Cascade Falls, US and Soviet forces alike scattered across the countryside. US forces managed to successfully repel a Soviet counter-attack and regroup with each other; Thompson was found on a Blackhawk, slightly wounded.

Thompson also took part in taking back Seattle in which after the Soviets were pushed back, where he finally found some batteries for his CD player so he and Carino could hear the music.

Throughout the cutscenes and cinematics, he is seen carrying the early model of the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon; this is because the US military would have recently adopted the M249 and the first models were different to modern M249s, especially the buttstock and the handgrip.

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