General Morgan is a high-ranking officer of the U.S. Army from the United States of America. His first name is not revealed.


Little is known of General Morgan's early history in the military. He has likely been involved in numerous other Cold War-era conflicts. By 1989, he has secured the rank of General and is supposedly a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

World War IIIEdit

When the United States confirmed its intervention in World War III, General Morgan was among the highest-ranking commanders of the U.S. Army charged with the defense of Western Europe and the homeland. He seems to hold considerable influence with the domestic forces.

When the Soviet Union invaded Seattle in the Fall of 1989, General Morgan immediately deployed all available units to Washington in an effort to combat the invaders. He later informed the President of the situation in the city.

Several months later, General Morgan informed the President that the People's Republic of China had declared war on the United States, despite earlier reports that they intended to remain neutral in the conflict. He then informed him that the Chinese intended to reinforce the Soviets in Seattle with a massive naval task force. He offered the President two options in dealing with the Chinese: Pull two divisions from Western Europe to combat the Chinese, or wait until they were ashore and then wipe them out with a nuclear strike on the city.

The President rejected withdrawing troops from Europe, and was even more unwilling to launch the nuclear strike. Desperate to save the city, the President ordered Morgan to instead order all remaining battalions in Washington to attack Seattle in a last-ditch effort to liberate the city. Only if they failed would he permit the nuclear strike. Morgan complied and ordered Colonel Jeremiah Sawyer to proceed with the assault.

General Morgan's exploits throughout the war remain largely unknown.


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