Kingdom of Norway
Kongeriket Norge (Norwegian Bokmål)

Kongeriket Noreg (Norwegian Nynorsk)

Flag Norway
Political information
Head of State King Olav V
Head of Government Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland
Affiliation NATO
Military Norwegian Armed Forces
Societal information
Capital Oslo
Language(s) Norweigan
Currency Norwegian krone (NOK)
National anthem Kongesangen (The King's Song)
Historical information
Date formed 872 AD
Date established May 17, 1814
Date dissolved June 7, 1905 (from Sweden)
Date restored May 8, 1945 (from Nazi Germany)
Conflicts World War II
World War III

Some portions occupied by the Soviet Union

Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, is country in Scandinavia that borders Sweden, Finland, and the Soviet Union.

World War III Edit

Norway during World War III was supporting the war effort but didn't have enough troops defend it's country, instead conducted border raids within the Soviet Union. The Soviet assault cut off Norway communications and support, after the attack on West Germany, Europe organized a desperate defensive. What's left of the Norwegian Armed Forces and Navy was sent to France to as reserves.

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