As we were catching our collective breath and trying to reorganize, word came down that China had finally entered the war, as an ally of the Soviet Union. A Chinese invasion fleet was steaming toward Seattle, planning to use the Russian beachhead to get ashore. The USS Missouri had been sunk a week earlier off the coast of British Columbia, and there wasn't much left of our Pacific Fleet to stop the Chinese. So we moved west, toward Seattle and the main Soviet defense perimeter. Webb said the men needed to rest for at least a day, but the Colonel pushed us on, saying we had to see this thing to the end before it was too late. Later, when we learned about the President's backup plan, we understood why.



Fratricide (Soviet Assault only)
Before the Storm

Once More unto the Breach
Part of World in Conflict campaign
WiC Prelude 12 Final

March 18, 1990


Clearwater Creek, Washington, USA

Usa flag United States Ussr flag Soviet Union
Usa flag Jeremiah Sawyer
Usa flag James Webb
Usa flag Parker
Ussr flag Unknown Soviet commander
Usa flag 5th Supply Battalion Ussr flag Soviet forces

WiC USA Icon Small United States



Once More unto the Breach is the twelfth mission of World in Conflict.


China has decided to enter the war as an ally of the Soviet Union, and they have sent a large invasion fleet toward Seattle. We have to break through the Soviet frontline and retake Seattle before they arrive. If we fail to do this in time the President will order a strategic nuclear bomb dropped on the city.


The mission takes place around a town on the outskirts of Seattle. The ultimate objective for the engagement is to achieve a breakthrough of heavily fortified Soviet territory, to pave way for a final battle against Ivan, and comes as the Russian president orders a nuclear bomb detonation on the city.

Parker has a number of different ground units at his arsenal, including an assortment of tanks as well as support and repair units. There are two Secondary Objectives. The first, is to destroy a limo carrying a key Russian commander. The limo begins its convoluted expedition through the town from a road entering the battlefield staging a large-scale skirmish between Webb's forces and the Soviets. The pathway that the limo takes in randomised for each play-through, and for the majority of the time, it gets annihilated by an allied chopper. The second Secondary Objective is to capture and fortify an enemy position on a hill within an allotted timeframe.

The first Primary Objective Parker faces is to eliminate enemy resistance around the Soviet outpost and establish fortifications. Following the completion of the task, Sawyer warns Parker of an incoming Soviet carpet bomber and directs him to order his forces to retreat toward the river. Then, the colonel orders the lieutenant to establish defensive positions around the nearby town square. Similar to the previous scenario, Parker's forces become targeted by a heavy artillery barrage initiated by the retaliatory Soviet forces.

In completion of the objective, Sawyer orders Parker to capture a command point on the hill to the North. This comes as Ivan demolishes a number of bridges to delay the advancement of the US toward the central town square where the majority of its forces are fortified. Sawyer assigns a squadron of attack helicopters to assist Parker in accomplishing this task.

When Parker has repressed the retaliatory attack on the hill, he heads toward the dam where Webb's tanks are stationed. Here, the amalgamation of the commanders' forces eventually break the stiff Soviet resistance, until a B-52 bomber is seen clearing the remaining hostiles in the town. The colonel then orders the pair to recapture the town centre. The conflict here comprises of large-scale air-to-air combat in addition to ground skirmishes. Succeeding the objective, Parker is tasked to decimate the remaining disarray Soviet force.


Secure the Soviet OutpostEdit

Our choice of forces here included two medium artillery units, three heavy tanks, a medium tank, and two repair tanks, but your mileage may vary. Head towards the church, but before you approach it, use the artillery to barrage the two control points, especially the one on the western side. That'll earn you some tactical aid. If you wish, you can use a radar scan to reveal the enemy positions. Be sure to take out the anti-tank fortifications before moving up with your tanks.

Take the church and hold it, but be prepared to move out quickly, as the Soviets will move to bomb it. Retreat to the river nearby and wait for the bombs to fall.

Secure the Southern Part of Town/Eliminate The Soviet COEdit

When you get the two objectives here, see if you can't drop a daisy cutter into the control point that you need to take; you'll need something like that to eliminate the heavy enemy presence in the area. Using a daisy cutter may also let you block the road with ruined tanks, thus preventing the escape of the Soviet CO. Regardless, if you want to kill him, you'll need to get to the southern part of the city quickly and hit his car as he rolls south.

When you manage to clear the town and take the points, you'll have to basically immediately regroup and retreat, as the Soviets will launch a harsh counterattack. Regroup near the southwestern perimeter point and hold there, being sure to use your repair tanks. Keep your artillery back and firing on the bridges to the north and east; you may get a lucky kill.

After the counterattack fades away a bit, retake the perimeter points and take the town. When you do, you'll move on to your next objective.

Secure the Sawmill ASAPEdit

You're now told to head east to the sawmill, with a bonus objective being given if you can take it in nine minutes. Before crossing the bridge, use radar on the sawmill itself, then call down precision artillery on the artillery units you see there; they're grouped close enough together that they'll all be destroyed. That'll make it a lot easier for you to penetrate to the sawmill without getting destroyed. There are also a couple of medium artillery units up there, but if you take out the heavies, you should be able to charge in with your tanks and destroy them.

Head to the sawmill and put some heavy tanks into each of the perimeter points. When you fortify the mill and beat off the counterattackers, you'll be tasked with your next objective.

Break Through the Soviet LinesEdit

With the Sawmill secured, you should be able to call in a couple of free heavy artillery units. Use them and your tanks to start firing at the nearby Soviets that Webb is engaging. Don't worry about the choppers; just don't get too close. If you use your tanks, artillery, and daisy cutters to bomb the Soviets, they'll eventually retreat to town.

Secure the Town SquareEdit

There are four perimeter points here, but Webb will handle some of them. Try to bunch your units into the easternmost perimeter point and hold there, then use artillery and tactical aid to destroy most of the rest of the town. The primary attack vector for the Soviets will be the western road, so pound it with your heavy artillery after destroying any fortifications at the other perimeter points. When you're ready to do so, move some units to any remaining perimeter points and start fortifying them. The western point will likely be the weakest link, so set up some of your heavy tanks there and when the place is fully fortified, move them to the edge of the hill so that they can fire down on the incoming tanks. Don't forget to have your artillery continue their fire on the Soviets!


WiC Medal Campaign Primary 12 Rank Insignia: Captain
Due to your proficiency as an army officer you have now been fast-tracked for promotion to the rank of Captain in the United States Army.
WiC Medal Campaign Secondary 12 Silver Star
For showing exceptional gallantry and extraordinary heroism during the counteroffensive toward Seattle you have been awarded a second Silver Star. Thanks to your impeccable performance and outstanding heroic actions the entire operation could move ahead of schedule, increasing the chance of retaking Seattle in time.

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