Before the Storm

One Last Fight
Part of World in Conflict campaign
WiC Prelude 14 Final

April 2, 1990


Downtown Seattle, Washington, USA

Usa flag United States Ussr flag Soviet Union
Usa flag Jeremiah Sawyer
Usa flag James Webb
Usa flag Parker
Usa flag Wilkins
Ussr flag Unknown Soviet commander(s) (possibly Nikolai Malashenko)
Usa flag 5th Supply Battalion Ussr flag Soviet HQ garrison
Casualties and losses
Heavy Total


  • Save Seattle (45 minutes)
  • Destroy the Soviet guard post
  • Protect the diner
  • Clear the way to the harbor
  • Secure the harbor
  • Secure the Soviet main base
  • Survive the Soviet counter-attack
  • Destroy all remaining enemy forces



WiC USA Icon Small United States


Space Needle

We returned to the outskirts of Seattle where the final assault group was being assembled. The Colonel reassumed command. The orders: to retake the city no matter the cost. We all knew the price of failure.

One Last Fight is the fourteenth and final mission of World in Conflict.


The final assault on Seattle has begun. If the Russians are not defeated in time, the President has ordered a nuclear bomb dropped on the city when the Chinese invade. Colonel Sawyer has led the battalion deep into the city with the aim of knocking out the Russian headquarters, but the clock is ticking...


Save SeattleEdit

Time to take Seattle back! You have 45 minutes to complete all of your objectives here. Begin by deploying a heavy artillery unit, three heavy tanks, one medium tank, and one repair tank. Separate out these units into one group of armor, one repair group, and one artillery unit. When you obtain more points, you'll generally want to use them on more heavy tanks.

Destroy the Soviet Guard PostEdit

Use your artillery to weak the enemy control point nearby, then start shepharding your tanks towards it. Some of the buildings here will be occupied, so use precision artillery when possible to destroy them. Regardless, you should be able to quickly approach the point and take it over. Return to the diner where you began when you're done.

Protect the DinerEdit

Group your tanks around your artillery unit and repair tank in the middle of the circle here. Beating back the enemies will take three or four minutes of solid combat, but you'll have help from Webb. Just keep your tanks in good repair and replace any of them that get destroyed; you're right underneath your own drop zone, so that shouldn't be a problem. You should've gotten more reinforcement points after destroying the guard post, so summon another heavy tank if possible.

Clear The Way to the HarborEdit

Three control points stand between you and the harbor. Before assaulting them, though, use your artillery unit on one of them to get some points, then queue up a couple of air-to-air strikes. As soon as you see the helicopters coming your way, drop both of them over the diner to take out the hostiles.

Start making your way towards the three control points, using your artillery unit and heavy artillery barrage tactical aids to clear them out before your tanks arrive. You can leave your artillery unit back at the diner; it should be relatively safe there.

While you clear out the first two objectives, you'll probably have to deal with more choppers. You can probably ignore them if you wish; they'll fly away eventually and the damage they deal can be dealt with if you use your repair tank adroitly enough.

Destroy the Soviet ShipsEdit

A pair of ships in the harbor are going to be shelling you relentlessly here. When you get the queue to destroy them, do so by painting them for precision artillery strikes. Two precision strikes should be able to clear the area.

When you have one point remaining, use your artillery and tactical aid to clear it, then charge in with your tanks to finally clear the path.

Secure the Harbor/Destroy the Soviet HelicoptersEdit

You should hopefully have half an hour or more time remaining to you here; there's plenty of leeway, but you don't want to take too long to complete your objectives. When you get the objective to try and clear the harbor, begin by moving all of your tanks into the northwestern point, where Soviet tanks are rolling off of the water to engage you. A defensive stand here will let you build up your tactical aid points and support your expansion to the southeast.

Before you can do that, though, you'll need to engage a few Soviet helicopters far to the east. Air-to-air strikes are going to be your friend here. Just queue up three strikes, spread them around the area, and repeat the process until all the helicopters are down. It can be tricky to do so, since the helicopters will appear and reappear in intervals, but you should have plenty of tactical aid to repeat the process until you nab them all.

At this point, move your heavy artillery up to the base of the Space Needle to ensure that it can hit all of the harbor perimeter points and start it firing at them. That'll build up your tactical aid and help you clean them out without risking your tanks. Heavy artillery barrages will also help weaken the defenders.

With the northwesternmost of the four harbor points secure, leave a couple of heavy tanks there to defend your rear while moving to the southeast. One heavy tank can hold a point by itself, assuming you've weakened them with heavy artillery barrages and fire from your heavy artillery unit. Spread your lines thin and nab all four points, keeping an eye on the damage to your units and the enemy positions. Continue to use artillery as best you can while remaining sure that your own forces are out of the area of effect.

Secure the Soviet Main BaseEdit

When you clear the harbor, regroup your tanks into a column and get your repair tank behind them. You'll be shown the location of the main base of the Soviets now. Moving in without weakening it would be a bit crazy, so use your heavy artillery unit to fire away at the buildings inside and use your laser-guided bombs, precision artillery, or heavy artillery barrages to try and destroy some of the units inside.

You should have a number of minutes left, so after using your artillery to weaken the positions a bit, move a heavy tank over and try to judge what remaining fortifications they have. The walls will make it difficult to get inside the base, so try to make a hole for yourself with artillery of some sort. When that's done, roll in, destroy any remaining forces, and take the perimeter points. A short counterattack will be all you need to face to finish the mission. But wait…

Survive the Soviet CounterattackEdit

You have three points to defend here. At this point in the fight, we had five heavy tanks, two medium tanks, a repair tank, and a heavy artillery unit. You'll also gain control of some of Webb's units, including another repair unit and a couple more artillery units, as well as an anti-air unit.

Split up your forces so that you're equally distributed in terms of firepower between the three points. You're going to be facing slightly more enemies to the north and middle, so if you have an uneven number of units, put them in the middle control point. Move the artillery units back a bit from the action so that they can actually fire on the enemy, and assign them each to a separate group. You can have them fire at the ground in the distance beyond the perimeter points, but that'll likely require a bit more micromanagement than you want to deal with. If you assign them to groups one, two, and three, though, they'll be a little easier to manage. Just fire them onto the roads to deal with them.

Anyway, when the Soviets start attacking, you can simply keep your tanks parked in position while you maneuver your repair tanks and attempt to fire your artillery and tactical aid at the enemies. The first section of the fight will be the more difficult, as you won't be able to call in for reinforcements; it'll be crucial to keep the perimeter points occupied. Your tanks won't take as much damage as the repair tanks will here, so be sure to repair them whenever you can. You'll have more tactical aid points than you'll know what to do with, so continually call down for heavy artillery barrages in the area beyond your perimeter points.

Bringing It HomeEdit

If you can survive to the point where Sawyer gets back in contact with the Air Force, you've basically won. Your tactical aid points expand greatly here, and you'll also be able to use carpet bombing and daisy cutters. With the points that you obtain by firing, just wait until you have enough to call for a triple daisy cutter and start dropping them on the approaches to your position. Since you can now call in for reinforcements, you shouldn't have to worry too much about being overrun; just call for a new tank whenever you have the opportunity to do so, guard the perimeters, and drop your daisy cutters.

After a few minutes of this, a friendly captain will appear to the rear of the Soviets and start pounding them. Hold out until he arrives, and you've beaten the game!

After the cinematic, get ready to listen to a cool retro song that some people from the 80's might recognize!


The Russians have been defeated, the Chinese fleet has turned around, and Seattle is finally safe, all because of your sacrifice and daring. Your accomplishments in the battle against a numerically superior force will be studied for years to come. But the war is not yet won. The battle for Europe still rages and elsewhere in the world fresh conflicts are brewing. You might be called upon again.


WiC Medal Campaign Primary 14 American Defense Medal
You have been awarded this ribbon for successful participation in the defense of the United States of America against the invasion and subsequent occupation attempt made by the Soviet Union.
WiC Medal Campaign Secondary 14 Congressional Medal of Honor
For distinguishing yourself conspicuously by gallantry above and beyond the call of duty in combat against Soviet forces, you have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Knowingly risking your own life, you went into the very heart of enemy-held territory and destroyed their ability to command. This caused the immediate collapse of Soviet forces defending Seattle and set an example of selfless sacrifice and impeccable behavior for other soldiers to aspire to.
WiC Medal Campaign Extra 3 Army Presidential Unit Citation
Your battalion has been given this award for exceptional displays of gallantry, determination, and esprit de corps in accomplishing its mission under extremely difficult and hazardous conditions.

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