The PT-76 is the Soviet Union's Light Tank.

The PT-76 is a Soviet Light Tank developed for the Soviet Ground Forces in 1952. It is one of the fastest tanks on the battlefield and is the primary reconnaissance tank of the Soviet Army.



The PT-76 is armed with a 76.2mm Rifled Gun.

The PT-76 is quantity over quality. That being said, they are cheaper than Heavy Tanks, therefore more of them can be built. The PT-76 is a somewhat cost-effective tank. The PT-76's main armament is a 76.2mm Rifled Tank gun, which is inferior to heavy tank's 125mm or 120mm Smooth Bore Gun. But the armament is strong enough to destroy lightly armored vehicles, like AA Units, and flanking helps increase the PT-76s chances to damage the enemy unit. The PT-76's armor is tough enough to resist bullets but not enough to resist RPGs, Tank Guns, and missiles. Although it's armor is weak, the PT-76 makes up for speed, which is faster than a Medium Tank, allowing the PT-76 to chase and kill retreating enemies. The PT-76 secondary armament is an AT-4 Spigot Anti-Tank Missile Launcher. The missile is strong enough to inflict sufficient damage against tanks, as well as being able to kill light vehicles easier. Most units can easily destroy a PT-76, but an equal is the M551 Sheridan.

In-Game InfoEdit


The PT-76 utilizes speed and quantity.

Unlike it's real life counterpart, the PT-76 isn't amphibious (most likely due to game balancing). But the PT-76 keeps it's speed in-game. The special ability of the PT-76 allows it to damage tanks and vehicles easier, and could be a large threat in numbers. But six missiles still aren't enough to destroy heavy tanks: that's why flanking is required. The PT-76 is also adept at storming command points in large numbers like the Medium Tank, except a group of PT-76s will suffer more losses than the latter, so it isn't a very safe option. Another disadvantage is that the PT-76 isn't equipped with a Machine gun severely crippling it's already weak capabilities against infantry units. Once again, support from AA units is recommended.

Unit Statistics and CapabilitiesEdit

Special AbilitiesEdit

Offensive: AT-4 Spigot Anti-Tank Missile Launcher-30 Second Recharge

Issues an order to the PT-76 to fire it's AT-4 missile, which deals more damage against armored units than it's main gun.

Defensive: Smoke Screen-45 Second Recharge

Fires Smoke grenades that hide the vehicle from the view of enemy units.

PT-76 Field CharacteristicsEdit

  • Cost: 600 Reinforcement Points
  • Firepower: Low Overall

-Armor: Medium

-Infantry: Low

-Support: High

-Air: Low

  • Hit Points: 1408
  • Speed: High
  • Armor: Light-Medium
  • Weapon Range: Primary: Medium - Long, Special Ability - Long
  • Line of Sight: Medium


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