Portuguese Republic
República Portuguesa (Portuguese)
República Pertuesa (Mirandese)
Flag Portugal
Political information
Type Unitary semi-presidential

constitutional republic

Constitution 1976 Constitution
Head of State President Mário Soares
Head of Government Prime Minister Aníbal António Cavaco Silva
Affiliation NATO
Military Portuguese Armed Forces
Societal information
Capital Lisbon
Language(s) Portuguese, Mirandese
National anthem A Portuguesa ("The Portuguese")
Historical information
Date formed 868 AD
Date established 1128
Date reorganized 1143
Date restored December 1, 1640
April 25, 1974 (redemocratization)
Conflicts World War III


Portugal, officially called the Portuguese Republic, is a country in Western Europe bordering Spain.

History Edit

World War III Edit

Being part of NATO, it can be inferred that Portugal sent troops to West Germany and France. According to KGB reports after West Germany was taken by the Soviet Union, only France and Spain remained free from Soviet rule; however, this report has been overlooked as the United Kingdom and Portugal are also free. None the less, they along with France and Spain, Portugal is still a target for the Soviets.

After the Soviets were repelled in France, they may no longer invade the Iberian Peninsula.