The B2 stealth bomber in real life.

The Prototype Stealth Bomber, known in reality as the B-2 Spirit, was an American stealth bomber designed to fly deep into enemy territory without being detected by anti-aircraft defenses.

World War IIIEdit

On the outbreak of the Third World War, the B-2 stealth bomber was tasked in reconaissance and bombing missions deep in Russian territory until it was shot down by Soviet anti-air defenses. It crashed landed near the Soviet industrial center of Murmansk. The pilots, however, were captured by the Soviets.

The Soviet military was willing to get the data of this prototype stealth bomber and use it against the US and NATO forces until they were foiled by the US battalion-linked Task Force Raven who rescued the pilots, recovered the data, and destroyed the crashed bomber to prevent the Soviets from copying it thanks to Lieutenant Parker's tactics.

Its current exploits are unknown whether they were mass produced for combat support or disbanded for another prototype aircraft.

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