Invasion of Seattle


Battle of Pine Valley

Retreat of Seattle
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November 9, 1989


Interstate 90 bridge, Seattle, Washington, USA

Usa flag United States Ussr flag Soviet Union
Usa flag Jeremiah Sawyer
Usa flag Mark Bannon
Usa flag James Webb
Usa flag Parker
Ussr flag Unknown Soviet commander(s)
Usa flag 5th Supply Battalion Ussr flag Soviet forces

Retreat of Seattle was an organized retreat led by Captain Bannon, who gave command to Colonel Sawyer during the I-90 Bridge Battle. The battle-beaten US forces were determined to hold off the Soviet invaders while the civilians evacuated, and the US Air Force would then bomb the bridge in order to halt the invaders for a while.

During the retreat, most of the US equipment and troops were almost destroyed by the Soviet attackers but thanks to Captain Bannon's organized retreat, Colonel Sawyer's leadership's and Lieutenant Parker's and Captain Webb's skills and tactics, they were able to slow the Soviets' advance into the state of Washington.

The fate of the surviving US forces who retreated are currently unknown whether they joined Colonel Sawyer's battalion or were killed by the Soviets while on retreat.

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