We followed the freeway into the suburbs with the war close on our heels. Some artillery already landed in the area, and I remember seeing a broken swing set lying on its side, next to a blackened crater. I think that was when it hit me: we have been invaded, and nothing would ever be the same again.



Harvest (Soviet Assault only)
Battle for Pine Valley

Part of World in Conflict campaign
WiC Prelude 02 Pict 02

November 9, 1989


I-90 bridge, Seattle, Washington, USA

Usa flag United States Ussr flag Soviet Union
Usa flag Jeremiah Sawyer
Usa flag James Webb
Usa flag Parker
Usa flag Mark Bannon
Ussr flag Unknown Soviet commander(s)
Usa flag 5th Supply Battalion Ussr flag Soviet forces

Primary objective Dig in at the freeway entrance
Primary objective Rescue the civilian evacuees
Primary objective Save the Levinson family
Primary objective Hold the bridgehead
Primary objective Prepare defenses at the bridge
Primary objective Defend the southeast bridgehead
Secondary objective Repair the AA
Primary objective Evacuate the hospital
Secondary objective Disrupt the Soviet airborne troops
Primary objective Assist Bannon and Charlie Company (4 minutes)
Secondary objective Scorched earth (5 targets)


WiC USA Icon Small United States



Primary objective = primary objective, Secondary objective = secondary objective

Reunion is the second mission of World in Conflict.


After the retreat from downtown Seattle, U.S. forces led by Captain Bannon continue east through the suburbs. You must rally with Colonel Sawyer near the highway bridge, help evacuate the civilians from the area and then blow the bridge to slow the Soviet advance.


Dig In At The Freeway EntranceEdit

When the mission begins, quickly move your Humvees to the control points on the bridge, then load up your infantry into the Bradleys and move them along behind. You need to get to the control points quickly; when you take them, fortifications will start to be built that will let you more easily defend the bridge. Use the Bradley's TOW missiles to fire on any incoming vehicles.

Rescue the Civilian EvacueesEdit

When you have the control point secured, it'll disappear. Group your units together and move over to the school buses to kill the enemies there.

Save the Levinson FamilyEdit

Get over to the Levinson house and kill the nearby enemies. That'll let you rescue the family and return to the bridge. Keep in mind that you have two Humvees here; they can repair each other as well as the Bradleys.

Hold the BridgeheadEdit

Return to the bridge and start TOWing any incoming vehicles that come your way. The allied units will do most of the heavy lifting here, so just keep your vehicles repaired and firing. You'll get a couple of light tanks here, so position them near your Bradleys and be sure that your Humvees are repairing your tanks as they get hit.

Defend the Southeast BridgeheadEdit

A more pressing action comes upon you at this point, as you'll be tasked with holding the southern section of the bridge and repelling a heavy enemy attack. The control points here are fully fortified, so that'll help, and you'll be able to call down some reinforcements to help you out. Immediately bring down a repair tank and some more light tanks. When the secondary objective involving repairing the AA comes up, send a Humvee over to perform that task; that'll let you shoot down enemy choppers as they come in overhead. You won't be able to move the AA vehicles, but that's fine; they'll be dandy where they are.

Completing the secondary objective will let you call down a free medium tank from your reinforcements menu, so nab it and anything else you can. Just keep repairing your tanks here, and you should be fine.

Evacuate The HospitalEdit

Eventually you'll be told to evacuate a nearby hospital. Split your forces into roughly equal amounts and move each half into one of the two control points here, being sure that each side has repair units in it. Enemy tanks will start coming in force, but if you fortify the points, you should be able to hold them off without too many problems.

A secondary objective here has you disrupting Soviet airborne drops. Nothing too complicated; use precision artillery to destroy the marked homes and prevent the airborne troops from getting together.

Assist Bannon and Charlie CompanyEdit

You need to shift your target to where Bannon is defending the bridge now and use your tactical powers to help support him. This will be somewhat difficult to do; there are a lot of enemy tanks in the area, and you're going to get a secondary objective that will use the same resources as you need to defend Bannon. Still, it's definitely doable.

When you have a camera on Bannon and his tanks, call down Heavy Air Support to eliminate most of the tanks in the area. Heavy air support doesn't target friendly tanks, so you can place it right on top of Bannon's tanks without harming them. Apart from that, you'll want to use heavy artillery barrages to turn the area north of Bannon to dust. These attacks can harm friendly units, so be sure not to place these over friendly tanks.

When you get the Scorched Earth secondary objective, use precision artillery to destroy the marked targets three at a time while being sure to periodically call down the heavy air support on Bannon's position. If you can clear all of the structures that are on your map, you'll complete the objective.

If you manage to take out the secondary structures, you can devote all of your attention to Bannon. You should be rolling in tactical points here, so continually call down the heavy artillery and precision artillery onto the Soviets as they arrive, and use the heavy air support centered directly on Bannon's position to keep his tanks alive. After a few minutes he'll withdraw and you'll win the mission.


WiC Medal Campaign Primary 02 Humanitarian Service Ribbon
Awarded for meritorious participation in the evacuation of civilians from the Seattle suburbs during combat operations against the Soviet Union.
WiC Medal Campaign Secondary 02 Bronze Star
Awarded for heroic performance in combat operations against the Soviet Union. Due to your diligence a Soviet paratrooper operation was thwarted and the I-90 Bridge could be destroyed as planned, thereby delaying the Soviet advance out of Seattle.

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