Seattle Police Department
Political information
Type Law enforcement organization
Head of State Governor of Washington
Head of Government Mayor of Seattle
Commander-in-chief Chief of SPD
Affiliation Seattle, Washington, USA
Societal information
Capital Seattle, Washington
Language(s) English
Historical information
Date formed 1886
Date dissolved 1989 (under Soviet administration) but Reactive after Liberation of Seattle
Conflicts World War III

Under Soviet administration Some Members of the Seattle Police Department been part of the Resistance Groups But SPD had Been active again after Liberation of Seattle.

The Seattle Police Department is the law enforcement agency in the city of Seattle, Washington. They provide law and order throughout the city.

During the Invasion of Seattle, some members of the SPD were tasked to intercept suspicious ships that docked in Seattle Harbor. As they moved in to investigate, an MI-24 Hind attacked the police force. As a result, when the Soviets started to overrun the city, they called in the National Guard for backup. Despite the lack of firepower, they still assisted the National Guard evacuate civilians; to the point that some police officers were seen defending a barricade with only revolvers and a shotgun.

After Seattle fell, the SPD was stripped of its duty and was replaced by Soviet military police. Some of its members may have joined guerrillas and resistance fighters throughout the state.

After US Army Retake Seattle, SPD is back to service again after City had been liberated by American force but Some Police stations are destroyed or Damage by the Battle between the American and Soviet