To anyone who's out there, I'm what's left of the 2nd Platoon, and I'm getting out of this city now! I suggest you all do the same!
Private Smith before his desertion during the Invasion of Seattle

Smith was a private in the U.S. Army from the United States of America. Prior to his desertion, he served in the Washington National Guard.

World War IIIEdit

Private Smith was stationed in Seattle, Washington during the early stages of World War III. When the Soviet Union invasion of the city in the fall of 1989, Private Smith and his platoon were charged with assisting in the defense of the city. He came under Captain Mark Bannon's command after the commanding Major was supposedly killed in action. When it became clear that the Soviets could not be stopped, Smith panicked and insisted that they retreat. Bannon shut him down, ordering him to stand his ground until told otherwise. When his platoon was wiped out, Smith announced that he was retreating regardless of what orders he had. When Bannon again ordered him to hold his position, Smith insulted him and fled the city on his own.

It has not been confirmed if Smith escaped the city with his life. If he did, it is unknown if he played any further role in Washington's defense. He may very well be on the run, as he would likely be prosecuted for desertion if he were ever caught.


"Sir... Screw You!!!!!"

-Private Smith to Bannon.

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