The Sniper or designated Marksman is a specialized and highly trained soldier for the purpose of eliminating enemy infantry from long ranges, as well as a scout.


USA: M24

USSR: Dragunov SVD



The sniper only has one special: Sprint.

  • Sprint: The sniper moves at double speed, but cannot engage enemies for the duration of the ability.
    • Lasts 10 seconds.
    • Is a defensive ability (but it is great for shuffling from nest to nest, or pursuing retreating infantry.
    • Recharge time: 20 seconds, 17 seconds, 14 seconds, 11 seconds, and 9 seconds, depending on rank.

US snipers are armed with the semi-auto M21 SWS; Soviet snipers are armed with the deadly SVD Dragunov, and NATO snipers carry the powerful L96A1.


  • Cost for Infantry commanders: 500
  • Cost for other commanders: N/A
  • HP: 490 HP. A sniper cannot auto-heal itself.
  • Speed: Slow
  • Sight Range: Medium
  • Firing Range: Far
  • Power against Infantry: Strong
  • Power against Vehicles: None
  • Power against Tanks: None
  • Power against Helicopters: None

Strategy for SnipersEdit

A sniper is completely powerless against tanks, vehicles, and helicopters. Therefore, it should always be covered by other infantry. A sniper can completely decimate any infantry, so make good use of it if there are a lot of infantry on the battlefield. Try to put snipers in forests rather than buildings, because there's always a chance that a sniper in a building is in a wrong window; but if you find a building with two vacant spots (or squares) put either an Infantry squad or AT squad (depending on what you are fighting, tanks, choppers etc.) and put the sniper in as well so he has backup.

Dealing with InfantryEdit

Against infantry, you do nothing but shoot, shoot and shoot. If there is an enemy sniper, be sure to get the first shot to kill it. Otherwise, no problem.

Dealing with everything elseEdit

The sniper is completely helpless against other vehicles, tanks, and helicopters. It is advised that you call in tactical aid. If you don't have enough TA, then just try to run away and hope that you make it far enough.


Due to its vulnerable nature, snipers are rarely seen in multiplayer, unless their opponent has a lot of infantry squads. If you spot an enemy sniper, it's usually covered by other units such as Light Tanks.

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