WiC NATO Armor Amphibious Spähpanzer Luchs
WiC Ingame Spahpanzer Luchs
WiC Icon Armor Amphibious Amphibious transport
Faction WiC NATO Icon Small NATO
Role WiC Armor Icon Armor
WiC Infantry Icon 850 WiC Support Icon 1000
WiC Armor Icon 650 WiC Air Icon 1000
Hit points 1102
Armor Medium (50/100)
Speed Medium (40/100)
Line of sight Short
Armament(s) 20 mm Rheinmetall MK 20 Rh 202 automatic cannon
Firepower Low
Weapon range Short
Special Abilities
Offensive: Incendiary ammunition
WiC Ability Incendiary Ammo Loads the cannon with high explosive-incendiary ammunition. Lethal against infantry.
Defensive: Smoke screen
WiC Ability Smoke Screen Launches smoke mortars that hide the vehicle from view.

The Luchs is NATO's amphibious transport featured in World in Conflict.

Overview Edit

The Luchs' role is to transport infantry across land and water.

Offensive ability Edit

The Luchs, like the BTR-80, can deploy HEI rounds that add blast damage and fire effects to normal attacks. The HEI rounds increase the Luchs effectiveness against infantry and light vehicles.

Defensive ability Edit

The Luchs is equipped with smoke screen launchers that, when deployed, conceal the vehicle in a cloud of thick smoke that obscures it from line-of-sight and counters guide missile attacks.

See also Edit

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