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WiC Support Icon Support
Classes WiC Icon Support Heavy AA Heavy anti-aircraft
WiC Icon Support Medium AA Medium anti-aircraft
WiC Icon Support Heavy Arty Heavy artillery
WiC Icon Support Medium Arty Medium artillery
WiC Icon Support Repair Repair tank
WiC Icon Infantry Demo Demolition engineer
WiC Icon Infantry Jeep Troop transport
Tactics Artillery and anti-air support, battlefield logistics, selective strikes

The support role specializes in long-range artillery, anti-aircraft vehicles, and engineer units. Though useful on the battlefield, it is limited by their inability to engage units in close-combat.

The support role is used best when in coordination with a friendly armor role player. The support role also has access to cheaper selective strike tactical aids. The insignia of the support role is an explosion caused by heavy artillery.

Support classesEdit

Heavy anti-aircraftEdit

WiC USA IconM48 Chaparral WiC USSR IconSA-13 Gopher WiC NATO IconRoland FRK

WiC Icon Support Heavy AA Heavy anti-air vehicles are the most powerful anti-air assets available on the battlefield. These are typically light vehicles equipped with sophisticated long-range heat-seeking missiles, although they usually have no means of defending themselves against enemy ground forces. With powerful missiles capable of smashing enemy helicopters into pieces with just a couple of devastatingly accurate hits, the heavy anti-air vehicle is every helicopter pilot's worst nightmare.

Unfortunately, these vehicles have no means of defending themselves from enemy ground units, and are sitting ducks for tanks and artillery. Their only means of defense are smoke screens to make a hasty retreat.

Heavy anti-aircraftEdit

WiC USA IconM163 VADS WiC USSR IconZSU-23-4 Shilka WiC NATO IconFlakpanzer Gepard

WiC Icon Support Medium AA Medium anti-air vehicles are not as powerful as heavy anti-air vehicles, but are still valuable anti-air assets on the battlefield. These are vehicles armed with versatile, powerful autocannons to engage enemy air assets, as well as light ground units. These are cheaper than their missile-based cousins but are less lethal and more vulnerable to air attack. However, their cannons are not affected by IR flares like missile systems are, meaning they are able to attack enemy helicopters even if they drop flares.

These vehicles can attack ground units with their cannons, though this is largely useless against tanks and vehicles, and is best used against infantry or their intended targets, helicopters.

Heavy artilleryEdit

WiC USA IconM270 MLRS WiC USSR Icon2S7 Pion WiC NATO IconLARS 110 SF 2

WiC Icon Support Heavy Arty Heavy artillery in general is very ineffective at dealing damage to the enemy, though it can be situationally useful with its smoke screen ability. A very common mistake by beginner players is to call in one or more heavy artillery with some anti-air for protection, then hang back in the spawn area while shelling enemy units from afar. Though this may seem like a safe way to support one's team without committing to battle on the front lines, it is in fact highly detrimental to the team as the points spent on artillery means much fewer anti-air units for the team. Without enough anti-air protection, armor players cannot advance and control of the map is effectively ceded to the enemy team. Heavy artillery can be useful at times for deploying smoke screens, bombarding garrisoned infantry, or for occasionally harassing enemy anti-air parked behind buildings or trees, but remember that a Support player's main job is providing anti-air and repair vehicles; artillery is merely secondary in importance, and a team should almost never have more than one of these.

Offensive: Deliver smoke screen
WiC Ability Deliver Smoke Screen This ability creates a large smoke screen at the target area, and is useful for protecting friendly tanks from enemy helicopters, or for protecting your own anti-air units from enemy tanks.

Medium artilleryEdit

WiC USA IconM125 MCV WiC USSR Icon2S1 Gvozdika WiC NATO IconFV432 MC

WiC Icon Support Medium Arty Medium artillery is primarily an anti-infantry weapon. When enemy infantry squads are spotted, order this unit to fire on them to quickly damage or destroy them. When used against vehicles, a lucky hit can sometimes deal considerable damage, however this seldom occurs. Using its special ability, the medium artillery can also destroy trees without the use of napalm strikes (which cost tactical aid points).

Offensive: White Phosphorous rounds (USA and NATO) or Incendiary rounds (USSR)
WiC Ability WP Round The white phosphorus rounds and incendiary rounds are functionally identical. They are used mainly to destroy trees, and will also deal considerable damage to infantry caught in its effect, though the medium artillery's conventional rounds are already deadly enough against infantry. Light vehicles also take some damage if they remain in the burning effect for some time.

Repair tankEdit

WiC USA IconM88A1 MRV WiC USSR IconVT-55 WiC NATO IconChieftain ARRV

The WiC Icon Support Repair repair tank can repair any friendly ground vehicles, helicopters or fortifications that are next to it. This makes it an invaluable unit to help keep your team's units as well as your own alive. Repairs also generate a good amount of TA points for the player. Not much to say here, other than that to have one or two repair tanks follow your team around.

Offensive: Emergency repairs
WiC Ability Emergency Repairs Instantly restores a sizable amount of hitpoints to the target unit. This ability is great for quickly healing units and should be used as often as possible despite its name. The repair tank can also target itself with this ability, which can sometimes save it from destruction when under attack.
Defensive: Field repairs
WiC Ability Field Repairs Causes the repair tank to restore its own hitpoints over time. While doing this it must remain stationary, moving it or giving it any other orders will cancel the repairs. Being attacked by enemy units will also cancel the self-repairs.

Demolition engineerEdit

Main article: Infantry#Demolition engineer

Troop transportEdit

Main article: Infantry#Troop transport

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