Republic of China
Flag Taiwan
Political information
Type Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic
Constitution Constitution of the Republic of China
Leader(s) President Lee Teng-hui
Head of State President Lee Teng-hui
Head of Government Premier Lee Huan
Commander-in-chief President Lee Teng-hui
Executive branch Executive Yuan
Legislative branch Legislative Yuan
Judicial branch Judicial Yuan
Affiliation United States of America
Military Republic of China Armed Forces
Societal information
Capital Taipei
Language(s) Mandarin Chinese
Currency New Taiwan dollar
National anthem National Anthem of the Republic of China
National holiday National Day of the Republic of China (October 10)
Historical information
Date formed December 1949
Conflicts World War III

Under Chinese occupation.

Taiwan, officially called the Republic of China, is a partially-recognized country in East Asia.  


The island of Taiwan was formerly known as Formosa, an overseas colony of Portugal in the Far East, along with Macau, Goa, and East Timor.

The Empire of Japan invaded Taiwan for the duration of World War II.

The island is where the Koumintang made their last stand against Mao Zedong's Peoples' Liberation Army after the KMT was expelled from the mainland. The invasion never came and Chiang Kai Shek governed the island as the Republic of China. Because Taiwan faced invasion from the PRC, this made Taiwan an ally of the United States of America, following the signing of a mutual-defense treaty. However, in 1971, Taiwan was expelled from the United Nations as countries around the world recognized the People's Republic of China as the legal ruler of the mainland. The United States subsequently broke off ties with the island as it too, recognized the PRC; but stilsupplied weapons to the ROC.

Prior to World War III, the ROC still claimed that they were the legitimate government of China.

World War IIIEdit

When China declared war against the United States, Taiwan was attacked by China and was subsequently occupied.  This may have been motivated in order finish off the Chinese Civil War and to unite Taiwan back to the People's Republic.

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